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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Navy intel chief reportedly stripped of security clearance

The Navy's top intelligence officer has had his security clearance suspended for the last year, a Nov. 4  Federal Times   article  says.

Navy Department's year-long, 100-person task force seeks to better understand, improve cyber posture

The Navy Department wants to get a better handle on its current cyber posture, and it's putting significant resources toward the cause – 100 people for one year in an effort called Task Force Cyber Awakening.

Navy nearing implementation of 'first-of-its-kind' automated inventory information system

The system, called the Mission Package Automated Inventory Information System, or MPAIIS, is a radio-frequency identification system that operates inside metal tool cabinets and doesn't require any modification.

Navy earns 399 patents in 2013, moves up in rankings in trade group report

The Navy said it received patents for more inventions in 2013 than many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, citing a trade group report released this summer.

New jammer helps defend Navy vessels against electronic threats

A prototype electronic warfare system may soon help Navy and Marine Corps forces defend themselves against jamming and return the favor to enemy forces.

GAO finds DoD planning for climate change impact mitigation lacking

Defense Department officials have begun to observe real impacts of climate change on military facilities, but poor planning and processes leave the department ill-equipped to protect infrastructure that may be at risk, says the Government Accountability Office.

GAO: Wider adoption of open systems approach could help DoD enhance systems, gain substantial savings

Despite some positive developments in implementing an open systems approach to product development, congressional investigators found that the Defense Department faces several challenges, namely a preference to purchase proprietary systems.

Report: 'Microbial forensics' can help ID and stop disease outbreaks, but field faces barriers

It's possible to find the source of a suspicious disease outbreak and stop further cases just by analyzing microorganisms. But this emerging field called "microbial forensics" needs to overcome some tough scientific and technical challenges to become more effective, according to a new National Research Council report.

House Appropriations approves DoD spending bill

The Defense Department would see nearly $500 billion in discretionary funding in fiscal 2015 under a bill passed by the House Appropriations Committee June 10. The $491 billion spending bill (pdf) would increase DoD appropriations by $4.1 billion over the fiscal 2014 enacted level and $200 million more than President Obama's request.

Navy must adjust to a limited spectrum environment, says director of Naval Intelligence

As defense systems are increasingly reliant on finite electromagnetic spectrum, the Navy is exploring technologies that will help the service adjust its needs to the spectrum available while still achieving mission, said Vice Adm. Ted Branch, director of Naval Intelligence.