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Latest Headlines

Navy shaves weeks from NGEN transition

The Navy says it has cut 88 days from the Next Generation Enterprise Network transition schedule so that it'll be mostly complete by Oct. 1.

Army, Navy turn to private firms to address housing shortage

The Army and Navy have turned to private construction firms to build houses for single military members to address an off-base housing shortage, says a March 18 Government Accountability Office report.

Chaplains not forced to provide services outside of their faith following updated DoD religious exemption rule

Chaplains haven't been forced to provide services that go against their faith after a new Defense Department policy went into affect allowing service members to request exemptions to dress and grooming standards for religious purposes, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Vee Penrod said at a Jan. 29 House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on military personnel hearing.

Major science and technology appropriations less than budget request

Many major agencies are getting less than what they wanted for science and technology spending during the fiscal year.

CBO lays out possible military budget cuts

A mix of benefits cuts and military force reductions at the Defense Department could drastically reduce the Pentagon budget, said Congressional Budget Office analyst Carla Tighe Murray to a group of government workers and federal budget experts.

NDAA provisions to help small business secure contracts

With the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act signed into law by President Obama Dec. 26, small businesses will get help securing contracts through two new provisions. The NDAA, which included 80 amendments, clears the Pentagon to spend $527 billion in base funding and $80 billion for overseas contingency operations.

U.S. should try for better relationship with Chinese military or enlist help of other countries, CRS says

With China's military becoming more assertive and less willing to work with the U.S. forces, the United States could either try to cultivate a better military relationship or engage with other countries to put pressure on China to work with the U.S. military, a Nov. 20 Congressional Research Service report says.

Continued sequestration would devastate armed forces acquisition, officials say

Top military officials told a House panel Wednesday that continued sequestration would make it impossible to plan for new acquisitions, and that maintenance will have to be differed on the current military fleet. If the mandatory budget cuts continue, the Air Force would have to delay purchasing four to five F-35 joint strike fighters from its requested amount of 19, Principal Deputy Assistant Air Force Secretary William LaPlante told the House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on tactical air and land forces in an Oct. 23 hearing.

Continued sequestration would devastate military, report says

If sequestration cuts continue, they could devastate military readiness and dramatically slow down modernization spending, an Oct. 11 Bipartisan Policy Center report says. The report says the full brunt of sequestration cuts hasn't hit yet, but sequestration cuts will compromise force readiness.

Navy Yard shooter didn't disclose 2004 arrest or financial problems in background check, Navy says

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis didn't disclose a 2004 arrest or financial problems when he applied for security clearance as a Navy reservist in 2007, a Sept. 23 Navy statement says. The Office of Personnel background report to the Navy also failed to reveal that Alexis had shot out the tires of another person's car during a dispute in Seattle in 2004, the statement says. Alexis served in the Navy reserves from 2007-2011. At the time of the Sept. 16 shooting he was employed as an IT contractor for the Navy.