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Latest Headlines

NARA: 184 TB now in Electronic Records Archive

The system is an ambitious $430 million effort that grew problematic in the years following the 2005 start of work, resulting a  mid-2010  decision by NARA at the behest of the Office of Management and Budget to stop development in 2011 and indefinitely  defer  some planned functionality.

ISOO: Original classification down, derivative classification up

The number of original classification decisions by federal officials during fiscal 2010 continued in its years-long decline while the number of recorded derivative classifications decisions carried on with explosive growth, data from the National Archives and Records Administration shows.

Electronic records archiving still problematic

Archiving of electronic records--in fact, archiving of any type of record--continues to be problematic within federal agencies, says NARA.

VA, DoD accelerate iEHR timeline

The program plan for the integrated electronic health records system underwent "a bit of a re-do" in order to prioritize portions of the iEHR implementation, said VA CIO Roger Baker.

Ferriero previews governmentwide records management directive

Agencies can expect the National Archives and Records Administration and the Office of Management and Budget to issue significant records management reforms by July 25. “I can’t predict...

Audio: NARA working with CIO council, says Ferriero

In mid-February, the National Archives and Records Administration set up an IdeaScale forum to crowdsource ways to improve records management. During an April 4 keynote at the FOSE conference in...

NCSES should recalibrate modernization efforts

The National Science Foundation's national center for science and engineering statistics is updating its dissemination programs to improve data user engagement. But according to a new report, the

NARA, agencies revisit millions of pages to ensure proper declassification

In the 2 years since the National Archives and Records Administration created the National Declassification Center, 70 percent of its document backlog was assessed, but review efforts could slow or

Report: FOIA exemption use increases, processing time decreases

Federal agencies are more quickly processing Freedom of Information Act requests, but the speed of processing doesn't mean agencies are more transparent. A comparison of 2008 to 2010 FOIA data at 15

Agencies plan for governmentwide FOIA portal

Three federal agencies are creating a common web portal for Freedom of Information Act requests with the intention of launching it in fall 2012. The $1.3 million portal, being built mostly with funds