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Latest Headlines

VanRoekel: Open data policy to be published in early 2013

The Office of Management and Budget plans to release a governmentwide open data policy in early 2013. While OMB is waiting on the results of projects led by the fellows, it's falling behind on a self-imposed deadline.

FOIA portal opens to public

The portal, which government officials say cost $1.3 million to develop, was spearheaded by the Environmental Protection Agency and is based on code from the  regulations.gov  portal, which the EPA also manages.

ISOO finds agencies are clarifying, streamlining classification guidance

A review of federal agency classification programs by the National Archives and Records Administration Information Security Oversight Office found that, for the most part, agencies have clarified what categories of information need to be classified to protect national security.

Agencies seek API, mobile feedback at the 11th hour

On the eve of agencies' Aug. 23 deadline under the White House's digital government strategy, the State Department and National Archives and Records Administration sought public feedback on their open data and mobile efforts. In an Aug. 22 blog post, Janice Clark, director of the office of website management in the State Department's bureau of public affairs, asked the public what data it would like made available via web application programming interfaces, or APIs.

White House issues records management directive

The Obama administration issued a comprehensive records management directive Aug. 24, which sets a variety of records management goals for agencies while previewing further guidance and rules from the National Archives and Records Administration. The first deadline for agencies comes Nov. 15, according to a memorandum (.pdf) from Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Jeffrey Zients and Archivist of the United States David Ferriero.

Federal classification costs up

Costs to the federal government of classifying information rose substantially for the second year in a row after a period of relative stability in the second half of the last decade, finds a new report from the Information Security Oversight Office. Report numbers show the classification systems costs rising to $11.36 billion in fiscal 2011.

Baker: VBMS on track

"The VBMS IT system will deliver on July 16, and we've got a plan for rolling out to a number of offices throughout 2012 and then the remainder of them [will] come in 2013," said Roger Baker, VA chief information officer, during a June 21 press call.

VA: Benefit scanning by NARA not enough to cut claims backlog

NARA expects to continue scanning at up to 600,000 pages per month, but to address the delta between NARA's processing rate and the 60 million digital claims necessary to roll out the Veteran's Benefits Management System, VA will look to the private sector.

NARA: 184 TB now in Electronic Records Archive

The system is an ambitious $430 million effort that grew problematic in the years following the 2005 start of work, resulting a  mid-2010  decision by NARA at the behest of the Office of Management and Budget to stop development in 2011 and indefinitely  defer  some planned functionality.

ISOO: Original classification down, derivative classification up

The number of original classification decisions by federal officials during fiscal 2010 continued in its years-long decline while the number of recorded derivative classifications decisions carried on with explosive growth, data from the National Archives and Records Administration shows.