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Latest Headlines

Agency FOIA policies go unexamined by OGIS

The office within the National Archives and Records Administration meant to review agency Freedom of Information Act policies and procedures hasn't really done so, says the Government Accountability Office. Those policies matter, because they control how agencies respond to document requests – but agencies can go for years without updating their procedures to accommodate new FOIA requirements.

Agencies haven't told NARA where their records are

The National Archives and Records Administration doesn't know where all agencies store their physical records, the Government Accountability Office says. NARA has tried to gather that information, but not all agencies submitted it. The data that NARA has received is mostly from 2008 and 2009 and is now outdated, the GAO says in a report (.pdf) released Sept. 10.

NARA unveils 'Capstone' approach to email archiving

Federal agencies now have the option of simply designating the contents of entire email accounts as worthy of preservation by the National Archives and Records Administration rather than counting on their users to recognize which individual messages should be sent to NARA.

Auditors praise DHS classification management

Auditors find that Homeland Security Department components are doing a good job implementing a 2009 executive order against over classification and subsequent law that specifically requires the homeland security secretary to develop strategy against over classification.

NARA report highlights agencies' records management challenges

Agency records management programs are challenged by lack of senior management support, resources and funding, says the National Archives and Records Administration its annual self-assessment (.pdf), which it published July 29. Many agencies also lack a clear understanding of what constitutes internal controls and, of those with internal controls, few test them to assess their effectiveness, write report authors.

NARA: Social media likely a record

Social media content is "likely" a record potentially subject to retention requirements, says the National Archives and Records Administration in a draft bulletin to federal agencies--language that would strength the terms NARA previously used in guidance on social media archiving. In it's last bulletin on the subject, NARA asked agencies to consider that some social content  could  be a record.

2014 Budget Request: NARA

The National Archives and Records Administration requests total appropriations of $385.84 million for the coming fiscal year in the budget proposal the Obama administration sent to Congress April 10.

Pinterest helps Navy meet non-traditional audience

Pinterest is among the three most popular social media tools and the fastest growing. Most importantly for the Navy, Pinterest users are creative, engaged and more than 60 percent are female--helping the service reach a non-traditional audience.

OGIS to focus on FOIA fees, immigration records, says Nisbet

Freedom of Information Act fees and fee waivers are a persistent problem for agency FOIA offices and for requesters, according to Miriam Nisbet, director of the Office of Government Information Services at the National Archives and Records Administration. Immigration records will be another area of attention for OGIS going forward, said Nisbet.

Agencies pursue customer-facing mobile apps under digital strategy

Federal agency leaders detailed their efforts to optimize at least two existing customer-facing services for mobile use during a Jan. 24 webinar. The objective is a requirement of the Digital Government Strat egy.