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Audio: NARA working with CIO council, says Ferriero

In mid-February, the National Archives and Records Administration set up an IdeaScale forum to crowdsource ways to improve records management. During an April 4 keynote at the FOSE conference in...

NCSES should recalibrate modernization efforts

The National Science Foundation's national center for science and engineering statistics is updating its dissemination programs to improve data user engagement. But according to a new report, the

NARA, agencies revisit millions of pages to ensure proper declassification

In the 2 years since the National Archives and Records Administration created the National Declassification Center, 70 percent of its document backlog was assessed, but review efforts could slow or

Report: FOIA exemption use increases, processing time decreases

Federal agencies are more quickly processing Freedom of Information Act requests, but the speed of processing doesn't mean agencies are more transparent. A comparison of 2008 to 2010 FOIA data at 15

Agencies plan for governmentwide FOIA portal

Three federal agencies are creating a common web portal for Freedom of Information Act requests with the intention of launching it in fall 2012. The $1.3 million portal, being built mostly with funds

Social media creates a democracy-challenging informational filter

The increasing pervasiveness of information filtering via social networks has implications for American democracy, said David Weinberger, a senior researcher with the Harvard Berkman Center for...

OMB: Records management directive coming

A Nov. 28 presidential memorandum unveiled an Office of Management and Budget effort to reform records management, which will culminate in the issuance of a records management directive in summer

Spotlight: FDIC claims top spot in best places to work ranking

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, is the best large agency to work for in the federal government, according to the Partnership for Public Service's annual " Best Places to Work to in the

NARA: 85 ways to say CUI

The federal government has 85 different authorized ways to mark data that require some protection but falls below the level of classified, says the National Archives and Records Administration. They

Most records in NARA's ERA won't be content searchable, says IG

Federal records placed into the National Archives and Records Administration's Electronic Records Archive typically won't be content searchable, the agency's inspector general warns. In two