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Latest Headlines

NIST's cybersecurity center seeking help to address mobile security, network authentication

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is seeking vendor products and technical expertise on three projects that focus on mobile device security, personal identity verification credentials for such devices and access control.

Government uses document-based workflow apps at higher rate than other sectors, index says

Government employees are pushing less and less paper as the public sector outpaces all other industries in the adoption of mobile document editing and document access apps, according to Good Technology's latest quarterly mobility index report.

Divided federal appeals court rules government needs warrant to get cellphone location data

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is the first federal appeals court to hold that the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement applies to location data. Previously, both the 11th and 5th circuit courts ruled in favor of the government.

DoD looks for adaptable, resilient mobile solutions

Enterprise-grade mobile devices and applications might not fit the needs of the military's health organizations right off the shelf, according to two officials who spoke July 31 at a Health Summit hosted by AFCEA International's DC chapter.

CBP testing wireless tech at US airports to verify identities of foreign travelers in real time

Officers will use a wireless handheld device to collect biometric and biographic data on foreign travelers exiting the United States in real time. U.S. citizens and certain other international travelers will be exempt from the pilot.

GSA offers recommendations to help agencies keep mobile websites, apps out of the 'graveyard'

Since development of mobile information, products and services is a continuously evolving process, federal agencies and others can follow these recommendations to make sure their mobile websites and apps stay relevant.

NIST issues draft solution for two-factor authentication on mobile devices

The National Institute of Standards of Technology has developed a draft solution to help agencies with the difficult task of providing multifactor authentication when accessing government information systems via mobile devices.

New tech more precisely sends wireless emergency alerts to the people who need them

Greater accuracy is critical because people in an affected area could take timely action to protect themselves. Additionally, they may be more inclined to heed the warning if they know an emergency message applies to them, the report said.

BYOD won't be the 'big answer' for DoD, says Halvorsen

The Defense Department plans to eventually allow a "bring your own device" mobile policy for a small set of users on its unclassified network, but it won't be pushed very widely throughout the department, said DoD Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen.

Gallup poll finds that most Americans keep their phones by their sides, continually check them

Specifically, the polling organization found that half of all Americans who own smartphones check their devices several times an hour if not more frequently, while another fifth say they only check their phone about once an hour.