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Latest Headlines

Mobile broadband is fastest growing technology in human history, says new UN report

Released Sept. 21, the annual report provides an updated look at the state of global fixed and mobile broadband advancements regarding access and affordability. It also provides rankings and individual data on countries.

FTC provides several areas of concern about mobile banking to CFPB

While mobile banking provides consumers with "unprecedented efficiency and convenience," consumers should be aware of fraudulent or unfair practices that could impose additional costs or compromise their data, the Federal Trade Commission said in comments submitted to the Consumer Financial Protection Board.

FTC announces winners in latest challenge to fight robocalls

The FTC sponsored the robocall contest – called Zapping Rachel – at the DEF CON 22 hacking conference in early August. Contestants had to design a so-called honeypot, which is an information system that would attract robocallers so researchers, law enforcement and other stakeholders could gain more insight into robocallers' tactics.

California governor signs smartphone kill switch bill into law

California on Aug. 25 became the first state to require that all smartphones sold there come pre-equipped with theft deterrent technology.

US senator backs expected DOT proposal to ban in-flight cell phone calls

A U.S. senator said Aug. 25 that cell phone conversations on commercial airline flights should be banned to preserve the "last vestige of quiet in our busy skies," but text messages should be permitted.

FCC rule requires wireless carriers to provide text-to-911 service by the end of the year

Wireless carriers and some IP-based application providers must provide their users with a text-to-911 capability by the end of the year, the Federal Communications Commission has ruled.

California poised to require kill-switches for all smartphones sold in the state

The California State Assembly has passed a bill requiring smartphone manufacturers to install theft-resistant systems that can remotely disable a lost or stolen device. If the bill is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, it will be the second in the nation—after Minnesota—requiring so-called "kill switch" software on smart phones. The Minnesota law was enacted in May.

Federal authorities bust major crime ring for multimillion-dollar smartphone scheme

Federal authorities on Aug. 12 indicted 20 members of a Minnesota-based crime organization for trafficking thousands of stolen and fraudulently obtained smartphones and tablets worth millions of dollars across the United States and internationally.

New Army communications toolkit matches needed capabilities to missions

Known as Capability Set 13, or CS 13, the toolkit "combines data radios, mission command capabilities and handheld devices networked across waveforms and mobile satellite communications systems to transmit voice, data and video for enhanced situational awareness."

U.S. may be well positioned to make transition to 5G cellular networks, report finds

Several countries are actively engaged in helping telecommunications providers research and develop Fifth Generation, or 5G, mobile communications technology, but the United States may have the competitive edge over the next decade, a new report finds.