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Latest Headlines

NASA smartphones, tablets went unused

More than 2,000 mobile devices that NASA issued to its employees went unused during the final seven months of 2013, the agency's office of inspector general says. The unused devices cost NASA at least $679,000.

Air Force swaps out BlackBerrys for iOS devices

The Air Force began the rollout of 5,000 iPhones and iPads to modernize its commercial devices earlier this month.

Underlying technology, IEEE – not retailers – to blame for mobile tracking privacy issues, says privacy group

Consumer groups are concerned that mobile analytics firms are helping retailers track the location of customers throughout their stores. But Seth Schoen, senior staff technologist at Electronic Frontier Foundation, isn't criticizing retailers or their analytics vendors. Instead, the blame goes much further back.

Cellphone unlocking bill passes House

The House Tuesday passed a bill giving people the ability switch mobile carriers without having to buy a new device. The bill (H.R. 1123) passed by a 295-114 vote and would repeal a 2012 decision by the Library of Congress that made unlocking cell phones a violation of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

IDC: Government smartphone purchasing to peak in 2016

Government purchases of smartphones will peak in 2016 and see negative growth in the following years, while tablet computers will see double-digit growth through 2016, predicts IDC Government Insights in a Feb. 11 report.

Mobile industry focuses on appeal of distracted-driving technology

Use of anti-distracted-driving technology will only increase if it appeals to drivers for reasons other than safety, industry representatives and safety advocates said during a Feb. 6 summit in Washington, D.C.

NTSB needs better data on distraction related crashes

Car crashes caused by distracted drivers using mobile devices continue to be a problem and data needs to be improved to understand the pattern, a National Transportation Safety Board official said during a Feb. 6 Senate Commerce Committee panel.

FCC calls for text-to-911 this year

The Federal Communications Commission has called for text-to-911 to be available to the public by the end of this year. The commission released its proposal Jan. 31, noting that the four major wireless carriers have committed to deploy text-to-911 nationwide by May 15.

Nighttime smartphone use hinders productivity, study says

Cramming in work on a smartphone at the end of the day makes a people less productive the next day because they have difficulty to relaxing and falling asleep, an upcoming pair of studies from Michigan State University say.

Agencies lean on mobile, social to collect info

Under a planned sole-source award, the FBI will buy 12 kits from Cellebrite USA, Inc., to obtain call histories, text messages, pictures, videos, passwords, location data and more – including deleted data – from Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.