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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

NIST instructs agencies to use application control programs in new guidance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published comprehensive resources on application whitelisting, as well as a step-by-step guide to implementing the technique to prevent malware intrusion.

Air Force looks to do for HR forms what it did for the flight bag

"That whole HR lifeline that we all use every day in our own worlds — just took look at a pay stub or our insurance — is a core focus of ours," said Air Force CIO William Marion.

10 mobile tools that will bring the post office to the phone, according to the USPS OIG

In anticipation of a second wave of digital disruption, the U.S. Postal Service's Inspector General released a report outlining 10 mobile-focused efforts that the agency could utilize to better "equip people with a post office on their phone" and prevent competitors from gaining footholds in the space.

Seattle agency launches construction app

The Shaping Seattle: Buildings map application provides detailed information on projects from the Seattle Department of Planning and Development.

NARA seeks comments on new guidance for electronic message management

The NARA bulletin applies to chat or instant messaging, texting, voicemail messages that can be attached to emails, and other communications platforms such as social media or mobile apps.

Mobile analytics can be a game changer for federal apps, says DoD mobility specialist

For those agencies using mobile apps, analytics can be an invaluable tool, said David Cooper, mobile applications program lead at the DoD's National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

Major investments in improving federal digital customer experience not bearing fruit, Forrester finds

Digital channels show "paltry use" with less than a fifth of online adults interacting via email and no other channel, including mobile apps, getting higher than 5 percent use.

Scaling up the civic hackathon

A group of 23 cities – along with the state of Rhode Island and Durham County, N.C, – have banded together to provide the scale fledgling civic tech firms need to launch new government-service technologies.  

Like Waze, but for the bus

Created by an Israeli start-up, Moovit gives up-to-the moment information on arrival times, schedule delays, and changes to routes. 

Boston launches parking payment app

For now, the ParkBoston app is available in a test area in the Back Bay. The rest of the city's 8,000-metered parking spaces will join the system in coming months.