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Latest Headlines

Cybersecurity Center of Excellence drafts mobile security guide

The so-called " building block " is intended to provide an example of a cybersecurity implementation that a variety of sectors can use. The center, part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, has also proposed building blocks for  continuous monitoring  and  trusted geolocation.

Senators aim to preempt FDA regulation of mobile apps

A recently introduced Senate bill would limit the Food and Drug Administration's ability to regulate mobile applications used in medical settings.

Mobile industry focuses on appeal of distracted-driving technology

Use of anti-distracted-driving technology will only increase if it appeals to drivers for reasons other than safety, industry representatives and safety advocates said during a Feb. 6 summit in Washington, D.C.

NSA developed way to collect data from apps like Angry Birds

The National Security Agency developed a way to spy on people through smartphone apps such as the game Angry Birds that transmit users' information across the internet, a Jan. 28 report from  The Guardian  says.

First ever charges of mobile app piracy filed

For the first time, the Justice Department has filed charges for piracy of mobile applications.

FirstNet issues RFI for mobile apps

FirstNet has taken an initial step toward the development of applications for the public safety broadband network as well as a mobile app platform.

VA working on video health apps

The Veterans Affairs Department has rolled out a suite of apps for clinicians and patients that pull information from the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture electronic health record. Among the patient-facing apps is a secure messaging tool for communicating with doctors and nurses, but soon it plans to take that tool a step further and begin communicating visually with the patient.

Less is more when it comes to mobile app user experience, gov panel says

Simple, focused design can greatly enhance user experience and functionality of mobile apps, a panel said in a Sept. 25 DigitalGov University webinar. Design must be streamlined for the user experience, National Institutes of Health Project Manager David Hale said during the  webinar.

Texting leads non-talk cellphone activities, says study

Ninety-one percent of American adults own a cellphone, finds a Pew Internet and American Life study published Sept. 19. The most popular activity besides talking on the cellphone is text messaging, with 81 percent of those surveyed saying they send or receive texts.

FDA to regulate some apps as medical devices

The Food and Drug Administration plans to regulate mobile applications as medical devices based on their intended use and only if they pose a risk to patient safety if they malfunction. Generally, the FDA says it will see apps as medical devices if their intended use is to diagnose, treat or prevent diseases.