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Latest Headlines

American tech industry suffering due to unresolved surveillance policy issues, says exec

One year after U.S. government surveillance activities were revealed by former Defense Department contractor Edward Snowden, American technology companies continue to feel negative repercussions, said Brad Smith, executive vice president and general Counsel for Microsoft.

Smartphone makers adopt 'kill switch' after opposing bill

Wireless industry leaders committed to equip their smartphones with a "kill switch" feature two months after lawmakers in the House and Senate introduced bills that would have made it mandatory.

Windows XP's stubborn hold over DHS

Windows XP remained the most prevalent desktop operating system within the Homeland Security Department as of March 2013, according to an internal assessment of component compliance with the federal security configuration baseline.

Spotlight: UK government considers abandoning Microsoft Office

The UK government wants to adopt more open source technology and is too tied to proprietary software programs such as Microsoft Office, said Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude while speaking at a conference in London Jan. 29.

Tech company surveillance reports to become somewhat more precise

The Justice Department agreed to somewhat loosen restrictions on surveillance reports made public by Internet companies in response to a lawsuit filed by tech giants, including Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Improving digital access in developing countries correlates to higher malware rate

A study by Microsoft based on data from its operating system-bundled anti-malware utility finds that the global prevalence of malware infections typically correlates as an inverse to countries' socioeconomic status, but that the relationship isn't necessarily linear.

International trade tensions foreseen in differing legal regimes over government surveillance

The extent to which governments can compel digital and telecommunication services providers to hand over data has become the source of renewed controversy since former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden leaked a trove of classified documents to media outlets earlier this year.

Spotlight: GSA issues RFQ for strategically sourced Microsoft software

The General Services Administration released a request for quotation (.docx) for its SmartBUY Large Publisher program, which the agency says will allow the government to save 15-20 percent off of commercial prices for Microsoft software.

Army CIO/G6 Susan Lawrence retires

Army Chief Information Office and G6 Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence is leaving her position, posting a final  message  online on Oct. 1. Lawrence's tenure saw the service migrating to a departmentwide Microsoft Exchange cloud  solution for email--an effort that wasn't without challenge, leading Lawrence in August 2011 to announce an operational pause. "We uncovered some pretty nasty stuff,"  said  Lawrence at the time, citing an unorganized network as the primary culprit for the delay

'No problem' with NSA collaboration, says NIST director

National Institute of Standards and Technology Director Patrick Gallagher again defended his agency's collaboration with the National Security Agency over cybersecurity standards development.