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Latest Headlines

DoD IG reverses clean audit of Marine Corps financial statements

The Defense Department's inspector general has reversed its clean fiscal 2012 financial audit of the Marine Corps after it recently found the data the IG relied on wasn't accurate. The DoD discovered the information the Marine Corps provided for the fiscal 2012 financial audit was unreliable after it reviewed the information again for the fiscal 2014 audit.

Navy officials says sequestration cuts could endanger lives

Leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps took up the charge to warn against the problems facing the DoD if sequestration-related cuts stay in place for next fiscal year, in a March 10 statement.

IG: Navy and Marine Corps justified IT contracts with little or no competition

The Navy and Marine Corps reasonably justified about $220 million worth of IT contracts that were solicited without full and open competition, says the Defense Department's inspector general in a report issued Jan. 23.

Marines test 'augmented reality' system to train soldiers on outdoor field

The Marine Corps recently tested an augmented reality – or simulation-based – system on a field that could help soldiers better prepare and train for battle from anywhere.

Navy shaves weeks from NGEN transition

The Navy says it has cut 88 days from the Next Generation Enterprise Network transition schedule so that it'll be mostly complete by Oct. 1.

Marines move forward with unmanned technology

Marines at the Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, Calif. demoed the Mobile Detection Assessment Response System, or MDARS, on Jan. 30. The remote console-controlled Polaris military vehicle will be used as part of the service's 24-hour air base ground defense for surveillance and perimeter defense without manned operation.

Continued sequestration would devastate military, report says

If sequestration cuts continue, they could devastate military readiness and dramatically slow down modernization spending, an Oct. 11 Bipartisan Policy Center report says. The report says the full brunt of sequestration cuts hasn't hit yet, but sequestration cuts will compromise force readiness.

Children of deployed service members experience more problems, Brookings panel says

Children who had deployed parents experienced more problems in school and conflicts with families and peers than the national average and the longer the parent was deployed, the bigger the impact on the child, said Ron Haskins, Senior Fellow and Co-Director of Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution, at an Oct. 1 event.

Army, Marine Corps simulation-based training costs unclear, says GAO

The Army and Marine Corps consider safety and mission when deciding to use live or simulation-based training, but cost is a much fuzzier factor in the services' decisions, finds an Aug. 22 Government Accountability Office  report  (.pdf). Auditors report that the Army and Marine Corps lack key performance and cost information that would inform decisions on the appropriate mix of training and prioritizing training investments.

Navy embraces virtualization in the data center and for end points

Two memos released by the Navy Department chief information officer in short succession show the department edging away from the dedicated machine model that's dominated computing for the past 4 decades. In a July 29  memo  (.pdf), DON CIO Terry Halvorsen says all Navy and Marine Corps servers should be virtualized by the end of fiscal 2017.