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Latest Headlines

Flight operations centers need greater involvement in NextGen, says report

Flight operations centers need greater involvement in the Federal Aviation Administration modernization effort known as NextGen if the effort is to be a true transformation of the national airspace system, says a report commissioned by the NextGen Joint Planning and Development Office. The report notes that a reduction in flight delays doesn't necessarily mean a reduction in passenger delays. 

Congress says no to ERAM upgrade funding

A "minibus" funding bill signed into law Nov. 18 by President Obama will make a number of cuts in this fiscal year to the Federal Aviation Administration's NextGen air traffic control...

Senate appropriators say funding NextGen requires infrastructure cuts

Funding the Federal Aviation Administration's NextGen air traffic modernization effort in the coming fiscal year requires sacrifices in other areas of capital investment, says the Senate

Scovel: ERAM delivered to FAA with missing software code

Things started going wrong for the Federal Aviation Administration's En Route Automation Modernization program when contractors delivered software code to the FAA for final acceptance testing in

House FAA reauthorization would make ADS-B In mandatory

A proposed four-year reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration unveiled Feb. 11 by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee would reduce agency funding by $4 billion, an act

FAA must chose NextGen flight prioritization soon, says report

If air traffic controllers are to make use of advanced flight prioritization methods made possible by satellite tracking of aircraft positions, then Federal Aviation Administration faces some urgency

FAA's NextGen could cost $160 billion

Federal Aviation Administration-led efforts to modernize the nation's air traffic control system--an effort collectively dubbed NextGen--could cost four times as much as initially estimated. Analysis