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Latest Headlines

Senate Democrats propose tentative cybersecurity bill

The bill (S. 21) doesn't propose action per se but calls on the legislative branch to affirm through a "sense of Congress" a number of creeds. Among them are that there should exist mechanisms for sharing cyber threat and vulnerability information between the government and the private sector, and that the two should develop a system to "assess cyber risk and prevent, detect, and robustly respond" to attacks against critical infrastructure.

COPPA rule expanded by FTC to keep up with growth of smartphone, app usage among kids

Recognizing the advances of commercial practices and technology over the past decade, including smartphones, the Federal Trade Commission has adopted final amendments to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act to reflect the growing presence of websites geared towards kids. Among the changes to the COPPA Rule, the new regulations expand the list of personal information that cannot be collected by websites without parental notice and consent, clarifying that this category includes geolocation information, photographs, and videos.

Full disclosure sought for maritime security mistakes

Congress is bringing some transparency to national security when it comes to releasing maritime security information. Until now, the federal government has gotten away with secrecy when it comes to

President's power to shut down Internet up in air

There are plenty of people inside and outside of government upset about legislation that would give President Obama the power to shut down the Internet under emergency situations. But the idea sounds

Feds eye economic incentives for secure software

A key senator concerned about the vulnerability of federal computer networks is considering pushing for tax incentives for government vendors who develop software that meets the highest possible