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Latest Headlines

CBP launches new mobile app to help travelers expedite entry into United States

Travelers to the United States will now be able to submit their passport information and customs declaration form through a new smartphone or tablet app as a way to expedite their entry process, the Customs and Border Protection agency said recently.

Report: More federal execs going virtual for training and events

The impact of federal conference and travel spending scandals over the past few years appears to be playing out as a shift to digital. After four-years of steady decline, more federal executives are now attending online webinars than in-person conferences.

EU moves toward common cellphone charger

Consumers weary of cycling through new chargers when they buy new mobile devices would have their burden lifted under legislation that overwhelmingly passed the European Parliament earlier this month.

Air Force swaps out BlackBerrys for iOS devices

The Air Force began the rollout of 5,000 iPhones and iPads to modernize its commercial devices earlier this month.

Smartphone 'kill switch' proposed in Senate

Smartphones would have to be equipped with a "kill switch" to render them inoperable if they are stolen under a recently introduced Senate bill.

TIGTA: Android may be too risky for BYOD

Android devices should not be part of the bring-your-own-device program for Internal Revenue Service employees until the agency reviews Android's security vulnerabilities, says the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

NSA has access to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry data, says report

The National Security Agency can access user data on iPhones, Android devices and even BlackBerrys, which were once considered by many to have the most secure operating system, according to top secret NSA documents viewed by German newspaper  Der Spiegel.

Addressing the connectivity challenge in disaster response

Working in an area affected by a disaster means connectivity can be a challenge. Cells on wheels and light trucks only go so far to re-establish connectivity, said Karole Johns, program manager for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster assistance improvement program.

Apple's iMessage encryption stymies DEA surveillance

The Drug Enforcement Administration has tried but is unable to intercept communications sent over Apple's iMessage service, according to an internal DEA document obtained by CNET.

Third of visitors to federal websites have come via mobile devices

A third of Americans who have visited a federal website have done so on a mobile device, according to figures released by the analytics company ForeSee and based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. They largely did so on Apple products, ForeSee found.