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Latest Headlines

Coast Guard needs to better ensure the quality of biometric data it sends to DHS, IG says

The DHS inspector general's audit found that the Coast Guard does not consistently reconcile the data it collects through its Biometrics At Sea System with what it provides to DHS's Automated Biometric Identification System.

DHS seeks recommendations on biometric data storage, analysis

The Homeland Security Department is turning to industry to get information about advanced technologies and systems that can help improve the storage, matching capabilities and analysis of biometric data.

Potential visa overstays still difficult to track

In a preliminary  assessment  (.pdf) submitted as prepared testimony to a May 21 House Homeland Security subcommittee  hearing, the GAO says DHS has taken steps to improve data sharing among various systems. But because the changes are so recent, GAO says it can't yet assess their effectiveness, and auditors note that DHS has about 1 million arrival records in ADIS without a corresponding departure records.

Mocny: US-VISIT biometric tech becoming world standard

Broad-based use of biometric screening standards worldwide and interoperability between the Homeland Security Department and other agency systems are among the most significant technology improvements since Sept. 11, 2001, says Robert Mocny, DHS director of US-VISIT.

ICE caused confusion about Secure Communities, says DHS OIG

Homeland Security Department officials stoked confusion among state and local jurisdictions over whether participation in a program to match arrestee fingerprint data against a federal immigration...

More DHS components to receive Watchlist Service data from FBI

Two more Homeland Security Department components will receive direct updates from the FBI on individuals suspected of terrorist activity, according to a new DHS privacy impact assessment. The

US-VISIT exit pilots of limited value, says GAO

Two Homeland Security Department pilots meant to test the viability of electronically collecting fingerprints from departing foreigners in airports weren't exactly a cornucopia of useful data,...