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Latest Headlines

OPM, DHS, OMB officials back out of closed-door meeting with House committee

In a "last minute decision," representatives from OPM, DHS and OMB backed out of the classified briefing with the House Armed Services Committee that was scheduled for 10 a.m. yesterday morning, said the committee.

HASC dives into 2016 NDAA, approves a slew of oversight amendments

The House Armed Services Committee began its markup of the bill that will establish funding levels for all defense-related spending in the federal government, adding several amendments intended to oversight via additional reports to Congress.

HASC unveils DoD procurement reform bill

The House Armed Services Committee released a highly anticipated bill that is meant to streamline the Defense Department's acquisition process and better train it's procurement officers. The legislation would focus on four areas of the acquisition process: workforce training, chain of command, streamlining reporting requirements and overall acquisition strategy.

House and Senate committees agree on Defense authorization legislation

The House and Senate Armed Services committees have agreed on the fiscal 2015 National Defense Authorization Act that would increase military pay by 1 percent, according to a Dec. 2 statement from the House panel.

HASC subcommittee leader says DoD needs more broadly trained soldiers

The head of the House subcommittee on military readiness said the Defense Department needs train soldiers for a broader set of missions during tough fiscal times, at a Center for Strategic and International Studies discussion last week. "People have extraordinary experience, but in a very narrow range of operation. I can guarantee you that the challenges they face in the future will not be exactly like what they have faced in Iraq and Afghanistan. So the question is how do you make sure you train to develop that capability?" said Rep. Robert Wittman (R-Va.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on readiness at the event.

DoD overseas budget request decreases as war winds down

The Defense Department's decreased war budget request comes as a result of the war in Afghanistan winding down, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work told a House panel. The DoD requested $58.6 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations funding for fiscal 2015--about $26.7 billion less than the fiscal 2014 enacted level. And it comes in at about $100 billion less than the OCO request from fiscal 2011.

Official: Budget cuts, pay freezes hurt DoD acquisition workforce

Myriad challenges face Defense Department acquisition and many of them have been exacerbated budget cuts and pay freezes, DoD officials told a House panel July 10. "The fiscal challenges, shifting operational requirements, the current budget instability deriving from sequestration, years of pay freezes, furloughs, military end-strength reductions and the requirement for commensurate reductions in our civilian workforce, more than a decade of conflict--inevitably all of these things have affected the acquisition workforce," said Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephanie Barna at the hearing.

Spotlight: House passed NDAA rejects DoD cost cutting requests

The House Thursday passed the annual defense authorization bill that would bump military pay by 1.8 percent, but denied several cost cutting requests from the Defense Department. The bill (H.R.4435) came in nearly identical to the one passed by the House Armed Services Committee.

NDAA amendment would forbid furloughs of DoD employees being paid by working capital fund

An amendment submitted May 19 to the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act would forbid furloughing Defense Department employees whose salaries are paid for by fees. More than 170,000 DoD civilian employees are paid using working capital funds, which do not receive direct funding through the annual appropriations process but by fees collected from customers for goods and services the civilian workers provide.

HASC approves NDAA with 1.8 percent pay bump for military personnel

Military personnel would get a 1.8 percent pay bump under legislation approved by the House Armed Services Committee. In a marathon markup of the fiscal 2015 national defense authorization act (H.R. 4435) May 8 that lasted more than twelve hours, HASC unanimously voted in favor of the bill that establishes funding levels and policies for agencies responsible for defense.