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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Liability protection unresolved cyber threat sharing impediment, says Alexander

A significant unsolved challenge to cyber threat information sharing between the federal government and the private sector is how to address liability, said outgoing National Security Agency head Gen. Keith Alexander.

JIE not a program of record, says Takai

A Defense Department effort to restructure its information technology infrastructure is not a program of record, although it is subject to program of record-like oversight, said DoD Chief Information Officer Teri Takai.

DoD budget plan ignores sequestration in out years

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told service leaders to ignore sequestration in the out years when drawing up force levels in the DoD five year budget plan.

Marijuana legalization complicates military efforts in Latin America

"They're very polite to me, but every now and again when they're not so polite, the term 'hypocrite' gets into the discussion," Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, the SOUTHCOM commander,  told  the House Armed Services Committee.

Air Force to launch 'neighborhood watch' space surveillance satellites

An Air Force general announced Feb. 21 the launch later this year of a previously classified satellite "neighborhood watch" constellation that will surveil space for covert satellites and debris.

Terrorism analysts: Jihadi groups aren't all threats

Terrorism analysts cautioned against viewing jihadi groups as a homogeneous threat to the United States during a House Armed Services Committee hearing Feb. 4. "The more we emphasize the ideologies that bring these groups together, the less we appreciate the local and sometimes very parochial interests that drive them apart," one said.

Chaplains not forced to provide services outside of their faith following updated DoD religious exemption rule

Chaplains haven't been forced to provide services that go against their faith after a new Defense Department policy went into affect allowing service members to request exemptions to dress and grooming standards for religious purposes, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Vee Penrod said at a Jan. 29 House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on military personnel hearing.

Economy, physical fitness could plague future military recruiting

About 75 percent of the country's youth fail to meet the qualifications for military service, which could cause problems with future recruitments, Defense Military Personnel Policy Deputy Secretary Vee Penrod told a House panel Jan. 16.

House Homeland Security introduces new critical infrastructure cybersecurity bill

A bipartisan cybersecurity bill introduced Wednesday by members of the House Homeland Security Committee would codify the department's existing governmentwide civilian agency cybersecurity duties and require it to analyze its current public-private partnership model with critical infrastructure sectors to ensure that owners and operators "are equal partners and regularly collaborate on all programs and activities" of DHS to protect critical infrastructure.

Senate and House committee leaders reach deal on NDAA, Republican support in question

Leaders of the Senate and House Armed Service Committees said Monday they've found agreement in a bipartisan defense authorization for fiscal 2014, but prospects for the compromise measure aren't straightforward.