The General Services Administration, or GSA, is an independent agency established in 1949 and is responsible for managing and supporting the government's offices and employees.
The GSA Schedules program works to establish long-term contracts between the government and commercials businesses intended to provide access to products and services at discount prices. The Federal Acquisition Service is one of two national services offices in the GSA (the other is the Public Buildings Service). It is responsible for offering comprehensive solutions in the areas of product and service delivery, technology, travel, online acquisition programs and motor vehicle services.
E-tools offered by GSA include the GSAAdvantage!® online shopping and ordering system; the GSA eLibrary, which contains documents such as the GSA schedules and technology contracts; and eBuy, which contains an online Request for Quotation tool.
Other offices in the GSA include the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, and the Office of Small Business Utilization.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

White House annouces $2 billion for contracts to make federal buildings more energy efficient

President Obama announced an additional $2 billion will be available over the next three years for contracts going to energy efficiency upgrades for federal buildings. The new contracting money comes after an earlier goal of $2 billion for energy savings performance contracts from 2011 to 2013, a May 9 White House announcement says.

GSA's 18F lab brings registration tracking to SAM, demos FBOpen

The General Services Administration unveiled tools that they say will simplify the process for small businesses to find contracting opportunities. The initiatives were part of a May 9 program showcasing the agency's 18F team – a lab of developers and designers from both inside and outside the government working together to build digital services that will be used across agencies.

Kostin: Digital government strategy a continuous effort

A year ago, federal agencies  met  ambitious deadlines established under a presidential directive to create a modern digital government. Now, says General Services Administration's Gwynne Kostin, agencies are rethinking these areas and enhancing them to provide a better experience for users, she said.

GSA undercharging agencies for fuel of leased vehicles

The General Services Administration undercharged other agencies for fuel on leased vehicles, often letting them pay less than the amount of fuel used, a May 7 Government Accountability Office report says. Under GSA's leasing-rate structure, fuel costs are covered by a monthly fee based on miles traveled and average fuel cost, but not on actual fuel used.

Interagency team publishes models for articles, events on GitHub

An interagency team has created new models for structuring online content in a way that makes it easier for agencies to publish information for desktop browsers, mobile devices, social media and other outlets without manually adapting the content each time.

GSA maps NS2020 strategy with focus on interoperability, converged IP

With a focus on flexibility, interoperability and converged IP services, the General Services Administration plans to help agencies shift to next-generation telecommunications and IT infrastructure services, according to newly-published strategy documents from the agency.

Federal leaders ponder tech talent shortage

"If things go well, there's not the equivalent of equity or stock options" that private sector risk-takers can receive, said Tom Kalil, a deputy director at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

GSA, OPM offer governmentwide training contract vehicle

The General Services Administration and the Office of Personnel Management have teamed up to create a contract to provide training services to all agencies through private companies, GSA announced April 28. The deal will represent the largest governmentwide contract vehicle for training services, the announcement says.

New GSA ombudsman will give voice to industry concerns

At the urging of several procurement industry groups, the General Services Administration has created a position to act as a liaison between the federal government and its vendors. Back in February, Millisa Gary was appointed as GSA procurement ombudsman to work with the agencies' industry partners to "ensure their voice is heard," said GSA Chief Acquisition Officer Anne Rung in an April 24 statement.

Federal social media registry looks to expand

The General Services Administration's federal social media registry allows those with email address to register federal accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and, soon, Instagram. The registry – which serves as the federal government's solution for addressing copycat and unauthorized social media accounts – likely won't stop with Instagram either.