The General Services Administration, or GSA, is an independent agency established in 1949 and is responsible for managing and supporting the government's offices and employees.
The GSA Schedules program works to establish long-term contracts between the government and commercials businesses intended to provide access to products and services at discount prices. The Federal Acquisition Service is one of two national services offices in the GSA (the other is the Public Buildings Service). It is responsible for offering comprehensive solutions in the areas of product and service delivery, technology, travel, online acquisition programs and motor vehicle services.
E-tools offered by GSA include the GSAAdvantage!® online shopping and ordering system; the GSA eLibrary, which contains documents such as the GSA schedules and technology contracts; and eBuy, which contains an online Request for Quotation tool.
Other offices in the GSA include the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, and the Office of Small Business Utilization.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

GSA suggests ways agencies can reduce water use

The General Services Administration shared three ways that agencies can reduce their water use over the next ten years, in an April 21 GSA blog post.

GSA touts federal vehicle fleet's energy efficiency

The General Services Administration has initiated a number of programs over the last several years to make the federal vehicle fleet more energy efficient, and the agency says the initiatives are working.

GSA seeks proposals for new leasing support services contract

The General Services Administration is seeking proposals for its third iteration of the GSA Leasing Support Services contract that is meant to provide the GSA's contracting officers with support for brokering and leasing property.

Taxpayers had different online experiences with states depending on where they lived

Dynatrace, a software vendor that measures end user experience online, analyzed websites of several select state revenue departments and found a wide range of how fast their websites and pages loaded as well as how consistent these sites were throughout the day. 

GSA moves forward with overhaul of Multiple Award Schedules

The General Services Administration is moving forward with its plan to overhaul the Multiple Award Schedules, putting into action recommendations from the agency's 2010 Multiple Award Schedule Advisory Panel, says an April 13 blog post by GSA Senior Procurement Executive Jeffrey Koses.

GSA launches new iteration of, promises more user-friendly experience

The General Services Administration has launched its new iteration of the website that it says will be a more comprehensive, user-friendly website for contracting officers. "Web designers will tell you that it's important for a website to look like someone lives there, that it's not a smattering of links and pages that look as if no one is home," says an April 13 GSA statement.

GSA seeks solar power provider to help supply renewable energy in combined procurement

The General Services Administration is looking for an experienced solar power provider to help the agency reach its sustainability goal of using at least 30 percent renewable energy to run operations by 2025.

CIO Council releases searchable library of public laws, executive orders and OMB documents

The CIO Council recently released a searchable database of public laws, executive orders, memos and other documents from the White House budget office in what it's calling an IT Policy Library.

GSA official at center of conference spending scandal pleads guilty to false claims

The man at the center of the General Service's Administration's Las Vegas conference spending scandal pleaded guilty Wednesday to making a false claim to the federal government. Jeffrey Neely, the former GSA acting regional administrator, admitted to submitting a claim for reimbursement for a claim for lodging expenses at a Las Vegas-area casino, which he knew was not incurred for official business, says an emailed statement from the GSA inspector general.

New order tasks agencies with cutting greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade

A new executive order seeks to have agencies cut their greenhouse gas emissions to an extent that could save the government billions of dollars, says a March 19 statement from Acting General Services Administration head Denise Turner Roth.