The General Services Administration, or GSA, is an independent agency established in 1949 and is responsible for managing and supporting the government's offices and employees.
The GSA Schedules program works to establish long-term contracts between the government and commercials businesses intended to provide access to products and services at discount prices. The Federal Acquisition Service is one of two national services offices in the GSA (the other is the Public Buildings Service). It is responsible for offering comprehensive solutions in the areas of product and service delivery, technology, travel, online acquisition programs and motor vehicle services.
E-tools offered by GSA include the GSAAdvantage!® online shopping and ordering system; the GSA eLibrary, which contains documents such as the GSA schedules and technology contracts; and eBuy, which contains an online Request for Quotation tool.
Other offices in the GSA include the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, and the Office of Small Business Utilization.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

GSA: OASIS cleared of bid protests

Federal agencies can begin using the General Services Administration's OASIS contracting because the Court of Federal Claims and Government Accountability Office denied all bid protests, a Sept. 3 GSA statement says. The GSA issued an official Notice to Proceed OASIS so both OASIS and OASIS Small Business--GSA's small business set-aside contract--are ready for business, GSA says.

GAO: GSA needs to better target buildings used for construction swaps

The General Services Administration needs to better target the buildings it uses in swap-construction exchanges, a recently released July 24 Government Accountability Office report. GSA has completed two swap-construction exchanges in which the agency exchanges title to federal property for constructed assets or construction services, such as renovation work, the report says.

GSA looking for developers to take over DOT facility in exchange for construction

The General Services Administration is looking for information on transforming a Transportation Department building into a state-of-the-art facility for transportation research, an Aug. 26 GSA statement says. The agency issued a Request for Information seeking creative ideas from the real estate development community to redevelop the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center property in Cambridge, Mass.

Hixson: Tight budgets cause contracting officers to be risk-averse

Federal procurement officers tend to favor lowest price over technically acceptable contract vehicles because of the scrutiny placed on spending in tough budget times and that makes it difficult for those contracting officers to take risks, Federal Acquisition Service Regional Commissioner Tiffany Hixson said in an interview. "Right now there is a culture of being risk averse almost to point of taking no risk for fear of being criticized," Hixson said. "That's really driving some of the LPTA preference."

GSA and Air Force partner to look at savings in GSA contracts

The General Services Administration and the Air Force established a working group to help identify ways to save money on enterprise-wide contracts, an Aug. 18 GSA blog post says. The working group will look into which GSA contracts the Air Force can use to cut costs, but still complete its mission, the blog post says.

Per diems stay the same for traveling feds

Per diem rates for federal workers won't change in fiscal 2015, according to an Aug. 13 General Services Administration notice published in the Federal Register. The standard lodging per diem rate will remain at $83 and meals and incidental expense tiers, ranging from $46 to $71, also remain unchanged.

GAO: DoD isn't plugging cost-saving programs to reduce electricity consumption

The Defense Department isn't promoting utility programs that would reduce electricity use in its buildings during peak hours, a recently released July 11 Government Accountability Office report says. Private electric grid operators offer demand-response programs that provide customers with financial incentives to reduce power use during periods of peak demand, the report says.

GSA awards 95 percent of OS3 contracts

The General Services Administration has awarded 95 percent of its contracts for the third iteration of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Office Supplies, an Aug. 12 GSA statement says. GSA issued 21 FSSI OS3 contracts, with 20 of them going to small businesses and there's potential for more small business contracts pending further review, the emailed statement says.

Learning lessons from launch, White House creates tech team to help agencies

The Obama administration has formed a small government team of technology experts that will help federal agencies identify and fix problems similar to what a group did for the troubled site last year.

GSA: Government will save billions under airfare program

The General Services Administration finalized contracts that it says will save the federal government billions on airfare in fiscal 2015. Under GSA's City Pair Program airfare rates for the federal government's official travel are pre-negotiated and fixed-price for a year offering a 23 percent discount below corporate benchmark fares, an Aug. 7 GSA statement says.