The General Services Administration, or GSA, is an independent agency established in 1949 and is responsible for managing and supporting the government's offices and employees.
The GSA Schedules program works to establish long-term contracts between the government and commercials businesses intended to provide access to products and services at discount prices. The Federal Acquisition Service is one of two national services offices in the GSA (the other is the Public Buildings Service). It is responsible for offering comprehensive solutions in the areas of product and service delivery, technology, travel, online acquisition programs and motor vehicle services.
E-tools offered by GSA include the GSAAdvantage!® online shopping and ordering system; the GSA eLibrary, which contains documents such as the GSA schedules and technology contracts; and eBuy, which contains an online Request for Quotation tool.
Other offices in the GSA include the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, and the Office of Small Business Utilization.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Testing apps' usability doesn't have to cost a lot, says GSA

The government's need to offer mobile apps is obvious – as is the need to test their usability before agencies release them for public use. To make such studies easier and less expensive, the General Services Administration's DigitalGov team suggests a few methods.

IG: GSA doesn't have control of its firearms donation inventory

Inadequate program oversight has left the General Services Administration's firearms donation program vulnerable to theft, says a June 12 GSA inspector general report. The Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 requires executive agencies to report to GSA excess property available for transfer to other federal agencies, the report says.

Obama directs agencies to encourage antibiotic-free meat in federal cafeterias

President Obama wants to make sure federal workers don't become resistant to antibiotics and he's starting in the cafeterias. Obama directed agencies to encourage use antibiotic-free meat and poultry in their cafeterias in a June 2 memo. He stopped short of mandating the practice, though.

Mobile analytics can be a game changer for federal apps, says DoD mobility specialist

For those agencies using mobile apps, analytics can be an invaluable tool, said David Cooper, mobile applications program lead at the DoD's National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

NIST preps digital privacy framework, considers control catalog

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is putting the finishing touches on a new interagency report that will advise federal agencies on assessing and mitigating the privacy risks associated with their digital services.

Forgot password? Don't worry, new service enables single login to multiple gov't sites

MyUSA, a product of the General Services Administration's 18F, is an account management service that consolidates interactions with government websites.

Mobile devices eclipse computers when it comes to Google searches

Searches are often driven by "need-to-know information" rather than passive consumption, "which aligns with a lot of the information and resources government agencies provide on their digital properties," according to the DigitalGov post.

POGO opposes GSA canceling price reduction clause provision

A government oversight group says a new General Services Administration proposal would make discounts available to the federal government less transparent – causing agencies to miss savings opportunities.

GSA tests aggressive recycling goals at Denver center as part of nationwide effort

GSA says that it has expanded recycling efforts at the Denver center by launching additional single-stream recycling and organic waste collection services for six of its 44 buildings there.

Waiting on FedRAMP for cloud brokers? Don't hold your breath

Despite the General Services Administration's efforts to provide agencies with tools that support the acquisition of cloud computing technologies, there's a growing demand for neutral facilitators, or "cloud brokers," to walk agencies through the selection of a cloud vendor.