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Latest Headlines

House committee passes bill to centralize postal delivery

A House committee advanced a bill Wednesday that would bring mail delivery from the door to centralized drop off spots, which could save the Postal Service billions. The bill (H.R. 4670) was passed by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee as a piecemeal provision in lieu of more comprehensive postal reform which has stalled several times over the last year.

13 months after deadly Texas fertilizer explosion, safety coordination still in the works

Nine months after President Obama directed agencies to collaborate on the safety risks associated with ammonium nitrate, the agencies involved are trying to figure out how to share information, says a Government Accountability Office report.

DoD may stick with 4 separate systems to track contractors

The Defense Department may keep four separate systems to track the hundreds of thousands of contractors it employs, says the Government Accountability Office.

GAO: State Department unable to track half its responses to congressional requests for information

Although the State Department has used a database since 2011 to track and manage the timeliness of its responses to congressional correspondence, the Government Accountability Office recently found the agency could not track nearly half its responses.

GAO: Agencies need to be more transparent about reviewing existing regulations

Agencies need to better report the progress of analysis done on existing regulations to see if they need to be updated, a recently released April 11 Government Accountability Office report says. From January 2011 through August 2013, agencies looked at 650 current regulations to see if they needed to be modified. About 246 of those retrospective analyses resulted in regulatory changes, the report says.

Report: DoD rarely revisits list of most serious biological threats

The Defense Department hasn't followed its own directive to annually update its list of biological agents that pose the greatest threat.

GAO: USPS could save billions by eliminating door-to-door delivery

The Postal Service could save billions of dollars by ending door-to-door delivery and dropping mail curbside or at centralized community mailboxes, a May 12 Government Accountability Office report says. For fiscal 2012, USPS estimated annual costs of about $380 per delivery for door delivery, compared with about $240 for delivery to the curb, and about $170 for delivery to a central location, the report says.

GAO takes issue with Social Security's IT modernization efforts

As the Social Security Administration modernizes its aging information technology systems it hasn't adhered to management controls, measured project performance or adjusted human capital plans accordingly,  says  a May 8 Government Accountability Office report.

Some colleges pester vets, provide misleading loan information, GAO says

The Veterans Affairs Department should increase efforts to help veterans in choosing colleges because some institutions are pressuring veterans to enroll and providing them with false information about student debt, a May 13 Government Accountability Office report says. Almost a quarter of veterans surveyed reported receiving unwanted school contacts and said they felt the contacts they received from schools were excessive.

GAO sides with agencies on unrealistic guidance for major IT projects

It's unrealistic for agencies working on major information technology projects to produce functional parts of those projects every six months, as required by the Office of Management and Budget, says a report from the Government Accountability Office.