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Latest Headlines

IT security controls at IRS endanger taxpayer data, says GAO

Information security controls at the Internal Revenue Service are so deficient the confidentiality, integrity and availability of taxpayer data is at risk,  finds  the Government Accountability Office in an April 8 report.

GAO outlines rampant duplication across government programs

A new Government Accountability Office report shows duplication runs rampant at government agencies with 10 programs addressing AIDS in minority communities and eight Defense Department programs dealing with prisoners of war. The April 8 report, now in its fourth year, outlines 11 areas of duplication across the government.

Agencies failed to assess security risks at federal facilities, GAO says

Agencies with large property holdings are failing to assess security risks at their combined 52,000 facilities across the country, a recently released Government Accountability Office report says.

Centers for manufacturing emergency influenza vaccine ready in next few years

One of three organizations hired by the Health and Human Services Department for surge vaccine production in the event of a pandemic should be running at full capacity within three years, department officials say.

GAO worried about pace of 2020 Census technology plans

A review of the technology projects the Census Bureau is preparing for its 2020 population count left the Government Accountability Office concerned about their prospects for timely completion.

NIST manufacturing technology centers not optimally funded

The National Institute of Standards and Technology doesn't take into account service demand when it issues funds to Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers. That leaves some centers short when demand is high, a March 27 Government Accountability Office report says.

GAO: IRS needs to provide more timely, reliable updates of its major IT projects

Congressional investigators say the Internal Revenue Service needs to do a better job in providing up-to-date, more accurate and transparent information about the costs for key, ongoing  technology projects and when they're expected to be completed.

DoD medical IT system 2,233 percent over original budget estimate

A medical record and patient tracking information technology project meant for use in all four military services has increased in total cost by 2,233 percent over a decade, reports the Government Accountability Office.

Federal government would pay billions more in programs under Puerto Rican statehood, GAO says

The federal government would have to spend billions to include Puerto Rico in federal programs if it became a state, a recently released March 4 Government Accountability Office report says.

Re-scoped iEHR falling behind schedule, says GAO

The department of Defense and Veterans Affairs continue to pursue a project known as the iEHR, which is falling behind schedule, finds the Government Accountability Office.