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Latest Headlines

GAO: DoD moves too slowly on whistleblower investigations

The Defense Department is not moving quickly enough on whistleblower retaliation investigations, says a May 7 Government Accountability Office report.

MDA didn't meet its goals for testing the Ballistic Missile Defense System, GAO says

The Missile Defense Agency has made some progress in meeting its testing and delivery goals for the Ballistic Missile Defense System, but it wasn't able to achieve its overall goals for fiscal 2014, says a May 6 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: Navy needs to make up its mind on the mission of its new, unmanned aircraft

The development of an aircraft carrier-based unmanned plane has been delayed by years because the Navy has not determined whether the technology will primarily be used for attacks or for surveillance. 

GAO: More than 40% of DoD contracts procured without competition

Only about 58 percent of contracts the Defense Department awarded from fiscal 2010 through fiscal 2014 were procured through competition, says a May 1 Government Accountability Office report to Congress.

DOE could lose millions of dollars on defaulted loans and loan guarantees, finds GAO

Five renewable and innovative energy programs have defaulted on Energy Department loans, leaving the government vulnerable to millions of dollars in losses, says an April 27 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: State Dept. didn't justify reasons for leasing new embassy facilities over adding on to existing buildings

Three State Department embassies didn't provide a good explanation for why they decided to lease off-site facilities rather than adding to the existing buildings, says an April 24 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: Indian Affairs needs to address systemic problems with the way it manages its schools

The Bureau of Indian Affairs needs to address systemic management problems to improve schools under the bureau's purveyance, says and April 22 Government Accountability Office report based on testimony to the House Education and Workforce subcommittee on early childhood, elementary and secondary education.

GAO outlines $5B in cost savings for the 2020 census

The Census Bureau could save billions of dollars if it put into effect Government Accountability Office recommendations to streamline the census taking process for 2020, says an April 20 GAO report that was part of testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Agencies gave SBA the wrong data for small business research contract spending

Most agencies submitted incorrect data about Small Business Innovation Research programs for fiscal 2013, so the Small Business Administration can't fully determine compliance with spending requirements for the programs, says an April 15 Government Accountability Office report.

House passes bill to deny federal contracts to tax delinquents, strikes down bill that would fire feds with tax debts

The House Wednesday passed a bill that would prohibit the federal government to award contracts or grants to corporations or individuals with seriously delinquent tax debt, but on the same day voted down a bill that would fire tax-delinquent federal workers. The contractor bill (H.R.1562) passed the House unanimously on April 15 on a motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill immediately.