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Latest Headlines

Re-scoped iEHR falling behind schedule, says GAO

The department of Defense and Veterans Affairs continue to pursue a project known as the iEHR, which is falling behind schedule, finds the Government Accountability Office.

Agencies extended noncompetitive contracts past time limits, GAO says

Agencies are letting noncompetitive contracts awarded on the basis of "unusual and compelling urgency" run past the one year limit they're not meant to exceed.

HHS plans for health IT exchange vague, says GAO

The Health and Human Services Department's strategy for advancing health information exchange focuses too much on general principals and not enough on deliverables, says the Government Accountability Office.

OSHA could use training on transportation whistleblowers

Whistle-blower claims investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration want more training to understand the industries they oversee in the transportation sector, a report from the Government Accountability Office says.

Army, Navy turn to private firms to address housing shortage

The Army and Navy have turned to private construction firms to build houses for single military members to address an off-base housing shortage, says a March 18 Government Accountability Office report.

Agencies resort to alternatives when appropriations don't come through for building projects

Agencies have recourse to alternative funding methods for federal building projects such as property swaps and space offered for lease when appropriations aren't available, says a March 12 Government Accountability Office report.

ICE lacks data needed to enforce student work program requirements

Foreign students who remain in the United States after completing their studies under a temporary work experience program often don't report their employer's name or start and end dates to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

CBP, GAO at odds over lessons of SBInet

The mistakes of the failed SBInet procurement would be repeated if Customs and Border Protection took the advice of the the Government Accountability Office to improve a major border technology program, a CBP official said Wednesday.

Gaps in State Dept. oversight of security training

Before traveling to certain dangerous countries, State Department employees are supposed to undergo security training, but the department doesn't always ensure they do so. Trainees are taught to evacuate smoke-filled buildings, provide emergency medical care, drive defensively, survive a vehicle rollover, and become aware of improvised explosive devices.

Agencies don't know how much they're spending on executive training, GAO says

Agencies don't know how much they're spending on executive training or whether it's effective, because they aren't completely tracking costs, a recently released Jan. 31 Government Accountability Report says.