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Latest Headlines

GAO: Government building data not accurate or transparent

The government's data on its own property wasn't sufficiently reliable to supper good decisions about excess and underutilized property, Government Accountability Office July 29 prepared testimony says. The Federal Real Property Council had not ensured that key data elements of the Federal Real Property Profile were defined and reported consistently and accurately, the testimony says.

GAO: DoD houses 80,000 tax delinquent employees, contractors with security clearance

More than 80,000 Defense Department employees and contractors with security clearance owe back taxes, a June 28 Government Accountability Office report says. GAO found that about 83,000 DoD employees and contractors who held or were determined eligible for secret, top secret, or sensitive compartmented information clearances had unpaid federal tax debt totaling more than $730 million as of June 30, 2012, the report says.

GAO: NASA doesn't have money for space launch system

NASA planned to get a new space launch system off the ground by 2017, but it doesn't have the $12 million to do it, a July 23 Government Accountability Office report says. The space agency is at high risk of missing its planned December 2017 test flight, the report says. Currently NASA is about $400 million short of funding for the project and NASA told the GAO there was a 90 percent chance of not hitting the launch date at this time.

GAO: DoD didn't fulfill requirements of workforce assessment plan

The Defense Department didn't address all of its reporting requirements for its workforce plan, including assessments of critical skills and competencies, a July 9 Government Accountability Office report says.

IRS overpaid employees because managers didn't properly check timecards, GAO says

The Internal Revenue Service overpaid some employees because the agency didn't properly check time cards, a July 2 Government Accountability Office report says. During the GAO's fiscal year 2013 audit, it found instances in which IRS employees submitted improper time cards and, as a result, received excess pay, the report says.

GAO finds DoD planning for climate change impact mitigation lacking

Defense Department officials have begun to observe real impacts of climate change on military facilities, but poor planning and processes leave the department ill-equipped to protect infrastructure that may be at risk, says the Government Accountability Office.

Cybersecurity policies lacking at small agencies, finds GAO

Even federal agencies that are considered small – those with 6,000 employees or less – can face major cybersecurity risks, but a recent Government Accountability Office report finds policy gaps leave them largely unprepared.

GAO: DoD doesn't accurately assess inventory that could be reduced

The Defense Logistics Agency doesn't properly forecast what Defense Department inventory can be disposed of in order to save money, a June 19 Government Accountability Office report says. DLA disposed of $4 billion in items for a net reduction of $2.5 billion to its on-hand inventory toward the Defense Department's fiscal 2013 goal of $11.7 billion, the report said.

GAO: DoD didn't take steps to ensure contactor pay was correct

The Defense Department didn't fully implement the steps required to make sure contractor pay was correct, a June 23 Government Accountability Office report says. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service is responsible for processing and disbursing nearly $200 billion annually in contract payments for the DoD, the report says.

GAO: Treasury's accounting policies for agency financial statements aren't sufficient

The Treasury Department doesn't employ sufficient accounting policies to know whether an agency's consolidated financial statement is accurate, a June 19 Government Accountability report says. Accounting policies summarize the accounting principles that an agency's management has decided are appropriate for fairly presenting the agency's assets, liabilities, net cost of operations and changes in net position, the  report  says.