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Latest Headlines

GAO: DOL didn't say how Job Corps should make budget cuts

The Labor Department didn't properly lay out how its Job Corps program should implement millions of dollars in budget cuts and transfers in 2011 and 2012, says a Jan. 22 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: DoD doesn't know if it's staffing secretary offices at the right levels

The Defense Department doesn't know if it employs the appropriate number of workers at headquarters because it doesn't determine personnel requirements as part of a systematic process and procedures aren't in place to make sure the department assesses its personnel needs periodically, says a Jan. 21 Government Accountability report.

GAO: Deadline lawsuits rarely speed up EPA rulemaking process

Citizens can sue the Environmental Protection Agency if the agency doesn't implement new rules under the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act by a certain deadline, but the Government Accountability Office says the lawsuits rarely push the rulemaking process along.

Social Security Administration doesn't know if private contractors helping with benefit applications are following rules, says GAO

The Social Security Administration doesn't know whether private organizations that help individuals get disability and social security payouts are following program rules, says a recently released Dec. 3 Government Accountability report. Representatives from private organizations help individuals apply for Supplemental Security Income and Disability Insurance from the SSA.

OPM not tracking dual compensation employees

The Office of Personnel Management is not closely tracking the trends or reasons for using its dual compensation waiver and OPM regulations provide limited oversight of the practice, according to a Dec. 29, 2014 Government Accountability Office  report  that was not issued publicly until Jan. 5.

IG: GAO paid worker's compensation to employee for 30 years

One Government Accountability Office employee has received worker's compensation for 30 years without the agency noticing, says a recently released Dec. 18 GAO inspector general report. The GAO IG requested a copy of the compensation case file for an employee that had been receiving worker's compensation from the agency since 1984, but the GAO Human Capital Office couldn't find it, the report (pdf) says.

DoD doesn't know if testing ranges are susceptible to spying, says GAO

The Defense Department doesn't know if its testing ranges are vulnerable to foreign spying, a Dec. 16 Government Accountability Office report says. "DOD has not conducted a risk assessment that includes assessing the degree to which foreign encroachment could pose a threat to the mission of the ranges," the GAO report says.

GAO: NRC cost estimating procedures aren't reliable

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's overall cost estimating procedures do not create reliable cost estimates, a recently released Dec. 12 Government Accountability Office report says. While some of the NRC's cost estimation procedures incorporate best practices, the agency isn't doing enough to make sure the cost estimates are accurate, the report says.

GAO: James Webb Space Telescope risks schedule slip

Despite NASA reporting the James Webb Space Telescope, or JWST, will launch as planned in October 2018, the Government Accountability Office says one of the agency's most complex and expensive projects in NASA history faces increased schedule and cost risks.

GAO: NASA faces huge obstacles in putting a person on Mars

Still basking in the success of last week's Orion space launch, NASA officials were brought back to Earth with Government Accountability Office testimony that says NASA still faces incredible technical and financial challenges in its mission to put a person on Mars. In Dec. 10 testimony, GAO space expert Cristina Chaplain says the mission to put a person on Mars has been hampered by unrealistic and inconsistent goals as well as significant funding issues.