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Latest Headlines

Robot or legit? FTC awards $25K to winning mobile app that fights robocalls

The competition, announced in early March by the agency, offered cash prizes for technical solutions to help fight robocalls using a honeypot, which is an information system that can be used by government, private and academic partners to lure and analyze robocalls.

Feds: Imposters, scammers trying to dupe the millions of OPM database breach victims

The Federal Trade Commission and OPM's USAJobs.com posted information on their respective websites about fraudulent attempts to further deceive the 21.5 million current, former and prospective federal government employees and contractors, whose personal information was stolen by hackers.

Mobile permission requests shouldn't be mysterious, says FTC official

An expert at the Federal Trade Commission has some ideas for how to make access requests and information flows more secure using incentives and opportunities based on the principle of least privilege.

'Least privilege' is key to securing mobile devices, says FTC official

The principle of least privilege, which holds that "every program and every user of the system should operate using the least set of privileges necessary to complete the job," is key to ensuring and maintaining security in a mobile world, says an FTC official.

Company settles FTC complaint over misleading opt-out option for retail consumers

Nomi Technologies provides consumer-tracking technology for brick-and-mortar retailers, but it didn't provide a way for consumers to opt out of the service within stores as it had seemingly indicated in its privacy policies.

CBO: Low costs, rising revenues would be associated with data security bill

If enacted, the Data Security and Breach Notification Act of 2015 would cost the government $1 million to implement over five years and would increase revenues, via penalties paid by non-compliant businesses, by $9 million over 10 years, an assessment of the bill finds.

FTC cracks down on melanoma diagnosis mobile app

The Federal Trade Commission issued a final order barring the creators of "MelApp," a mobile application used to diagnose melanoma, from making deceptive and unsupported claims about the health information provided by the tool.

FTC announces formation of new technology research office, succeeding former mobile unit

The Federal Trade Commission announced March 23 the formation of a new unit that will provide expert research, investigative techniques and insights into a range of technology issues from the Internet of Things to privacy.

Senators seek national strategy that fosters innovation, economic growth with Internet of Things

So far, about 25 billion consumer devices such as home appliances to wearable technology are connected to the Internet, and that's expected to swell to 50 billion by 2020.

FTC's authority over data regulation remains unclear

It's still unclear whether the Federal Trade Commission overstepped its authority when it brought legal action against Wyndham Hotels and Resorts for negligent data security standards. An appellate court heard arguments in the case this week.