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Latest Headlines

FTC in position to enforce data stewardship standards among cloud providers, says paper

Enforcement actions by the Federal Trade Commission have laid a foundation for establishment of data stewardship standards controlling cloud services that involve processing personal data, say two academics. Data stewardship standards could fill a privacy controls vacuum in cloud services offered to school districts that process students' data, Solove and Hartzog suggest, since the Education Department lacks authority to regulate companies receiving education records.

FTC lawsuit over hotel chain data breach can proceed

The Federal Trade Commission's push to regulate corporate data security survived an attempt in federal court to dismiss a case the agency brought against the Wyndham hotel chain for three data breaches.

Sharing cyber threat data doesn't violate anti-trust law

The private sector need not worry about violating anti-trust law if they share cyber threat data, officials from the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission said Thursday.

Scholars call for FTC to develop clear mission guidlines

Several scholars told a House panel Thursday that the Federal Trade Commission should develop clearer guidelines about its enforcement powers to help it balance its responsibility to both protect consumers and promote competition.

Underlying technology, IEEE – not retailers – to blame for mobile tracking privacy issues, says privacy group

Consumer groups are concerned that mobile analytics firms are helping retailers track the location of customers throughout their stores. But Seth Schoen, senior staff technologist at Electronic Frontier Foundation, isn't criticizing retailers or their analytics vendors. Instead, the blame goes much further back.

Senate bill targets data brokers

Consumers would have access to the private information that data brokers collect about them under a bill that Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) introduced Feb. 12. Data brokers, which assemble information about individuals and sell it to marketers, would have to maintain a public website that explains to consumers how to review their information and how they can prevent brokers from selling it.

Facial recognition privacy standards sought at NTIA meeting

Technology companies, consumer groups and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration have begun a process to develop privacy standards for facial recognition technology. At a Feb. 6 meeting, Lawrence Strickling, assistant commerce secretary for communications and information, said that facial recognition technology raises "novel privacy questions."

FTC official: Agency needs more tools against private sector data breaches

The Federal Trade Commission needs "more tools" to deter private sector consumer data breaches, said Jessica Rich, director of the agency's bureau of consumer protection, during a Feb. 3 Senate hearing. The FTC today has authority to bring data-breach related actions only if a company engaged in deceptive or unfair practices, such as by wrongly asserting or implying high levels of data protection.

FTC slaps wrists of 12 U.S. companies for violating U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Agreement

Twelve American businesses – including a large Internet service provider – have agreed to settle charges from the Federal Trade Commission that they misrepresented their status under the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Agreement.

Industry-funded privacy group disputes European criticism of Safe Harbor Framework

The executive branch of the European Union in November  released a report  criticizing implementation of the framework, which allows American companies to attest they meet the union's data protection requirements and so legally process Europeans' data.