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Latest Headlines

Arpaio not conceding that his office racially profiled Latinos

The sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz. won't appeal a federal court's ruling that his office violated the constitutional rights of Latinos. That's not, Sheriff Joe Arpaio would have the world know, because he acknowledges that his office racially profiled Latinos – as some media outlets have recently reported.

Federal judge: ICE request led to Fourth Amendment violation

Police in Oregon violated an immigrant's Fourth Amendment rights when they honored an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer request without probable cause, a federal judge ruled April 11. Judge Janice Stewart of the U.S. district court in Oregon ruled (pdf) that Clackamas County misinterpreted the regulation that governs ICE detainers.

Arpaio may be violating terms of anti-profiling injunction

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office may be violating the terms of a federal injunction ordered last year by a judge who concluded the office racially profiled Hispanics.

U.S. tech companies knew of NSA digital surveillance, says NSA attorney

American technology companies were not ignorant of National Security Agency surveillance of digital content transmitted through their services, a top National Security Agency official said Wednesday.

Advocacy groups argue against warrantless cellphone searches in Supreme Court cases

A handful of advocacy groups called for the Supreme Court to require warrants before law enforcement can search the contents of cellphones in briefs filed this month.

Texas court rules police need warrant to search cellphone after person is jailed

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled Feb. 25 that law enforcement needs a warrant to search the cellphone of someone who has been arrested and jailed.

DOJ to depose Arpaio in discrimination lawsuit

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a former top aide will be deposed by Justice Department officials in early March as part of a lawsuit the DOJ launched against the Arizona sheriff in 2012.

Federal privacy board majority recommends end to telephony metadata program

A federal privacy oversight board says the federal government should end the intelligence community's bulk storage of telephony metadata, stating that it has "shown minimal value" in counterterrorism efforts and that it raises constitutional concerns.

Supreme Court to rule on cellphone privacy cases

On Jan. 17 the Supreme Court  accepted for review  (.pdf) two cases – one federal and one state – involving mobile phone privacy and police authority. The two cases involve slightly different technology but in both cases cellphones were taken from the suspects at the time of arrest to be examined without a warrant.

Federal courts deal ACLU defeats on NSA surveillance and border-crossing laptop searches

Civil libertarians had two technology case court setbacks in late December, with separate federal judges dismissing constitutional challenges to the National Security Agency telephony metadata program and to suspicionless searches of electronic devices at border crossings.