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Latest Headlines

Severe shortage of tech talent in government, says report

Existing levels of information technology talent within government and civil society do not meet the current needs, finds a report based on dozens of interviews and secondary research. Those technically skilled programmers, designers and engineers with expertise in computer science and data science that are in government are not distributed evenly across agencies, it adds.

New poll: Half of federal employees consider looking for jobs outside of government

The caustic political environment of recent years and its results – involuntary furloughs and a half-month government shutdown – have taken a toll on a federal workforce, shows a new  FierceGovIT-Market Connections PulsePoll™. An online poll of 370 federal civilian and defense workers shows a picture of a struggling workforce. Half of respondents say they're considering looking for a job outside government. 

House Homeland Security critical infrastructure bill gets potentially controversial amendment

A House Homeland Security subcommittee approved by unchallenged voice vote a critical infrastructure cybersecurity bill, adding in the process several amendments – one of which could generate opposition to an otherwise bipartisan bill.

Fed technology talent pool doesn't meet development demand

The federal talent pool fails to meet the need to develop  technology because the public sector can't recruit or retain talent, a Ford Foundation report prepared by Freedman Consulting says. Freedman interviewed dozens of key stakeholders including professor and technology advocacy groups for the report (.pdf).

GPO name change gains traction amid digital rebranding

A new name for the Government Printing Office would clear up confusion about the agency and help it attract a younger workforce, Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks said.

Skills trump credentials in cybersecurity, but federal agencies have hiring obstacles

Ability trumps credentials when it comes to hiring cybersecurity workers, and the federal government faces obstacles in picking up the best talent, said panelists during a Nov. 1 event. "Do I look if somebody has a CISSP or a law degree? Mostly no," said Philip Reitinger, chief information security officer for Sony Corp. and a former director of the National Cyber Security Center at the Homeland Security Department.

House Homeland Security approves two cybersecurity bills

The House Homeland Security Committee approved Oct. 29 a bill that would require the Homeland Security Department to issue cybersecurity workforce occupation classifications, conduct an assessment of its current workforce, and develop a recruitment and retention workforce strategy. The committee also passed that day a bill that would require the Science and Technology Directorate to develop a strategic plan to guide federal cybersecurity and physical security research and development efforts. 

Federal IT spending to plateau for next 5 years, says TechAmerica Foundation

Total known and unclassified federal information technology spending will hover around $70 billion annually through fiscal 2019 when measured in today's dollars, predicts the TechAmerica Foundation in its annual near-term  forecast. The real-dollar stagnation in IT spending predicted by the foundation will disrupt agency attempts at IT transformation, said Trey Hodgkins, head of TechAmerica's global public sector government affairs policy team.

NIST, Commerce Department to mostly close under government shutdown

Only a small percentage of employees at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and most other Commerce Department components would be exempt from furloughs made necessary by a government shutdown.

Cybersecurity an occupation, not a profession, says report

Cybersecurity as a field is yet too young and the threats change too rapidly for the federal government to undertake its professionalization, concludes a study from a National Academy of Sciences panel commissioned by the Homeland Security Department.