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Latest Headlines

GAO: IRS needs long-term web strategy

In an effort to improve its website, the Internal Revenue Service launched short projects to deliver interactive tools and longer-term projects to improve foundational infrastructure, but it has no overarching strategy for its website, says the Government Accountability in an April 16  report  (.pdf).

GAO recommends usability improvements for saferproducts.gov

The Consumer Product Safety Commission uses a variety of outreach channels to bring visitors to saferproducts.gov, but hasn't done enough to assess who users are and how best to serve them, finds a Government Accountability Office report (.pdf) published March 11.

NTIA may reconsider.us registration policies

The NTIA requires registrants have a connection--a "U.S. nexus"--with America, such as a bona fide presence or residence. Current policy also  prohibits  private registration, requiring registrant contact info to be listed in the WHOIS database.  The.us suffix has gained little online traction, having a market share within the United States smaller than.info,  according  to data from Webhosting.info.

The top ways federal websites messed up in 2012

A team that tests federal websites for usability says in a Dec. 28 blog post that they found four main problems in 2012. In 2012, the HowTo.gov team conducted 26 tests on federal websites, intranets and other services. Six managed to make improvements within 30 days of the test, the blog post says: Search.usa.gov, FedRAMP, NASA's mobile site, Regulations.gov, OMB Max and SAM.gov.

Despite six-figure salaries, Commerce Dept. specialists tasked with data entry

Highly paid export specialists at the International Trade Administration lose a third of their time to data entry and other administrative work, the Commerce Department office of inspector general says. Its specialists make about $100,000 annually plus benefits, a report (.pdf) dated Nov. 30 says.

Don't measure everything, says DOE web manager

It's possible with today's website analytics tools to gather a wealth of data and monitor every detail of user activity. "You don't need to measure everything. Figure out what measurements really matter to you and put a plan in place to measure them," said  Trish Cozart, senior project leader for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's technology deployment tools team, during a Nov. 1 DigitalGov University webinar.

United Kingdom commits to 1 government website

The United Kingdom officially launched a single government website called Gov.uk Oct. 17--rounding out consolidation efforts that had already brought the country's 820 national government websites down to just two domains, Directgov and Business Link, in less than 2 years. The single government portal had been in beta since Jan. 31.

Effort to cut websites misses goal, finds CRS

Federal website reform missed its 1-year deadline, coming up 579 domains short.

VanRoekel: Digital strategy will consolidate federal websites

Not only will the White House's digital strategy put a freeze on all new dot-gov domains, it will consolidate websites, significantly reducing the number of federal websites overall, said Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel.

VanRoekel: Federal mobility strategy will be data driven

Data will be at the core of the federal mobility strategy, said Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel. The strategy will streamline the acquisition, management and delivery of mobile...