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Latest Headlines

Federal IT pros: Employee workarounds are biggest IT security threat

Nearly one-third of respondents from a new survey by Dimensional Research and Dell said federal employees using workarounds are the greatest threat to information technology security in the government.

Barriers dropping to federal social media use, says survey

Federal agencies appear to be lifting bans on the use of social media tools in the workplace. Only 19 percent of federal workers, compared to 55 percent in 2010, say they are affected by bans on

NIST publishes draft cyber workforce plan

A National Institute of Standards and Technology document says it aims to address two personal and national security risks: American citizens are largely unaware of cyber threats and the United

Don't shut down the federal government

The second time history repeats itself, it's supposed to be farcical. Unfortunately, it looks as if a solid contingent of Republican freshmen congressmen are deadly serious about shutting down the

Report urges greater focus on fed retention

Federal agencies aren't thinking much about employee retention these days, but they should be, says a report from the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton. The report, released Jan.

Audio: White House announces freeze to civilian federal worker pay

The White House announced Nov. 29 a freeze to federal civilian worker pay for calendar year 2011 and 2012, which would save the government more than $60 Billion over the next 10 years. In a press

Spotlight: DHS adjusting IT workforce

WILLIAMSBURG, Va.- Homeland Security Department Chief Information Officer Richard Spires doesn't have anything against contractors, but when it comes to oversight and collaborating across

The cybersecurity training gap

Cybersecurity is everybody's responsibility, goes a saying among high-level government executives frustrated by the apparent Swiss-cheese like qualities of their networks. Yet chief information

Federal workers not leveraging social media, survey finds

Only 4 percent of government workers utilize social media during their work day, according to a recent survey from research firm Market Connections of Chantilly, Va. Of the 321 federal employees

Feds banned from texting while driving

President Obama issued an executive order last week banning federal employees from texting while driving during their work days. The order is extensive. It covers federal employees when they are