The Federal Communications Commission is a federal agency with some regulatory and investigative power. It focuses on broadband, competition, electromagnetic spectrum, mass media, and public safety and security. The FCC is headed by five commissioners appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and each serves a five-year term. Only three of the five commissioners may be of the same political party.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

FCC net neutrality rule not justified, says court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit struck down a 2010 Federal Communications Commission rule on net neutrality Jan. 14, saying the agency overstepped its authority and did not justify its anti-discrimination and anti-blocking rules.

FCC narrows spectrum auction software search

In preparation for its upcoming spectrum auction, the Federal Communications Commission says it is deciding between two types of software to handle the repacking portion of the auction.

Wireless carriers agree to cellphone unlocking policy

Wireless carriers committed to adopting a more consumer-friendly cellphone unlocking policy based on proposals from the Federal Communications Commission.

Wheeler supports bill that gives agencies incentive to hand over spectrum

Federal Communication Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler endorsed a House committee bill at a Dec. 11 hearing that would allow federal agencies to reap benefits from a spectrum auction if they relinquish part of their share. The plan (H.R.3674) is meant to give incentive to agencies to relinquish spectrum and free up 500 megahertz for private sector use by 2020. The bill was approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee Dec. 11.

Spectrum arbitrage only part of FirstNet revenue strategy

The First Responders Network Authority, the board charged with building and operating a nationwide interoperable wireless broadband network for first responders, will need far more than the $7 billion in funding it expects from the revenue of the Federal Communications Commission's planned auction of re-packed broadcast spectrum to wireless carriers.

FCC consideration of in-flight calling triggers FAA reaction

Even if the Federal Communications Commission eliminates its ban on in-flight cellphone calls, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said his agency may step in and institute a ban of its own. "I am concerned about this possibility," Foxx said in a Dec. 12 statement.

FCC: Private sector failing to follow voluntary 9-1-1 best practices

Voluntary telecommunications company measures to ensure the reliability of the 9-1-1 system have failed to be effective, concludes the Federal Communications Commission, which adopted rules Dec. 12 requiring a new mandatory scheme of annual certification by carriers that they adhere to best practices for keeping the system active during emergencies.

FCC pushes back incentive auction to allow for tests

The need to test complex software will push the Federal Communications Commission's incentive auction back to mid-2015, said Gary Epstein, the chair of the commission's Incentive Auction Task Force.

FCC commits to freeing up more spectrum for mHealth

The Federal Communications Commission is focused on making more spectrum available for mobile health innovation, said Julius Knapp, the chief of FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology.

Spotlight: New bill aims to ban in-flight calls

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) announced Dec. 9 he would introduce  a bill  (.pdf) to prohibit the use of cellphones for in-flight calls.