The Federal Communications Commission is a federal agency with some regulatory and investigative power. It focuses on broadband, competition, electromagnetic spectrum, mass media, and public safety and security. The FCC is headed by five commissioners appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and each serves a five-year term. Only three of the five commissioners may be of the same political party.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Net neutrality supporters show 'spinning wheel of death' on websites, protesting FCC's fast-lane proposal

Video streaming service Netflix and other supporters, including Etsy, Kickstarter, Foursquaure, and Mozilla, will show the spinning icon, which generally indicates a slow-loading Internet-- although no website will actually be slowed down.

FCC chairman: US needs greater broadband competition to drive innovation, consumer choice

The head of the Federal Communications Commission said "meaningful competition" for high-speed broadband is lacking in the United States, and his agency will do everything to protect competition where it exists and foster it where it doesn't

Verizon agrees to pay $7.4M to settle FCC privacy complaint

Under the settlement, Verizon has also agreed to notify customers of their opt-out rights on every bill for the next three years. The FCC said the payment is the largest in its history for an investigation into the privacy of a phone customers' personal information.

Two-thirds of net neutrality comments filed with FCC oppose 'fast lanes,' says transparency group

In analyzing hundreds of thousands of public comments on the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality plan, the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation said about two-thirds of the comments opposed the idea of faster service for websites willing to pay for it.

Stimulus funds give thousands of students in rural Georgia better high-speed Internet access

About $56.8 million in grants awarded to the North Georgia Network and Appalachian Valley Fiber Network have resulted in a 3,000-mile fiber-optic Education Exchange that links 30 kindergarten through 12th-grade school districts with more than 330 facilities and 250,000 students. The network will enable schools to share web-based instructional resources, online course material and videoconferencing services via a 10-gigabit private education cloud.

Governors to FCC: Don't preempt state laws prohibiting cities from deploying broadband networks

The National Governors Association urged federal regulators not to interfere with state laws that prohibit communities from building their own high-speed Internet networks.

House panel white paper seeks feedback on federal telecommunications subsidy program

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently released a fifth white paper designed to spur discussion around the structure and effectiveness of the Universal Service Fund, a program that provides affordable telecommunications service to people in rural areas and others.

Reddit users respond to congresswoman's contest to rebrand 'net neutrality'

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said the Reddit contest will bring some clarity to a confusing legal debate before the Federal Communications Commission finalizes its proposed net neutrality rules.

Democrats pushing FCC to let municipalities build own broadband networks, preempt state laws

Two congressional Democrats are continuing to urge federal regulators to allow communities to build their own broadband networks, preempting several state laws that prevent such initiatives.

TV broadcasters file lawsuit against FCC over incentive auction

The National Association of Broadcasters Aug. 18 filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission over certain parts of the agency's incentive auction order that would make television broadcast spectrum available to wireless providers.