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Latest Headlines

US government conducts largest cyber-defense exercise to protect critical infrastructure

The U.S. government has just wrapped up one of the largest cyber exercises to date, involving more than 500 participants from the military, law enforcement, civilian agencies, academia and the commercial sector.

Despite recent successes, DOJ officials say more tools needed to combat criminal botnets

In recent years, Justice Deparment officials said they've successfully disrupted major criminal botnet operations from stealing more information and money. But as criminals continually change their tactics, officials said several U.S. laws need to be changed or updated to keep pace.

FBI seeks information about cloud services to store criminal justice data

The FBI is seeking commercial cloud-computing options that can store vast amounts of criminal justice data. In a recent request for information, the bureau said it wants an on-site, infrastructure-as-a-service, "cloud in a box" system to support the Criminal Justice Information Services division in Clarksburg, W.Va., at multiple locations across the country

Verizon: Nearly 150,000 requests for customer information from federal, state and local governments

In its second-ever "Transparency Report," the company provided a breakdown of subpoenas, orders, warrants and emergency requests that were made by law enforcement. However, it did not detail the number of requests made by each level of government.

Virtual currencies used for illegal activities pose real threats to law enforcement

Federal law enforcement and financial regulatory agencies have raised concerns about the use of virtual currencies for illegal activities, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

Federal judge orders US government to amend no-fly list redress procedures

A federal judge in Oregon said June 24 that the federal government's "no-fly list" redress process is unconstitutional and ordered it to revamp its procedures following a lawsuit brought by 13 U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

FBI.gov to get a reboot

The Federal Bureau of Investigation plans to relaunch its public-facing website, according to a June 20 presolicitation notice from the Justice Department. "The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a requirement for information technology services for Internet web presence software applications, content management, content delivery and technology environments," says the post.

Congressional CJS funding bills address need for cybersecurity

The House and the Senate are giving cybersecurity some attention through their respective Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies funding bills.

DOJ's recent charges against Chinese years in the making, says Carlin

The Justice Department's recent charges against members of China's People's Liberation Army for economic espionage and stealing trade secrets from American companies were part of a years-long effort, says a senior DOJ official.

DHS official: Heartbleed has had 'minimal' impact on federal government

Due to hard work and improved coordination throughout the federal government, the impact of the Heartbleed bug on the dot-gov domain has been minimal, said Larry Zelvin, director of the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center within the Homeland Security Department's National Protection and Programs Directorate.