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Latest Headlines

Who lurks in the 'dark web'? Criminals, terrorists, the military and more, CRS explains

The World Wide Web is typically described as the "surface web" in which websites can be accessed by search engines. Then, there's the "deep web" in which certain content can't be indexed by search engines. Within that is the "dark web," a realm intentionally hidden that can only be accessed with special software.

Feds say Islamic State terrorists targeting law enforcement for weapons, gear to further attacks

The one-page Roll Call Release reported there were at least two instances in which the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria inspired individuals to steal weapons or other specialized gear from law enforcement officials.

FBI-led global operation takes down hacking forum Darkode, disrupting cybercriminal activities

Darkode is a password-protected online forum where cybercriminals buy, sell and trade information, skills and products to hack into computers and other electronic devices.

FBI director makes his case for 'Going Dark'

Message encryption can have detrimental results when it prevents law enforcement officials from legally accessing communications that could save lives, FBI Director James Comey said.

OPM releases report outlining 'concrete steps' to bolster security, modernize IT systems in wake of breaches

U.S. officials blame Chinese hackers for stealing personal data on about 4 million current and former government employees, although a news report cites other government officials saying that it may have actually affected up to 18 million people, including prospective employees.

Social Security numbers weren't encrypted in compromised OPM database, says Archuleta

The Social Security numbers of some 4 million current and former workers that were potentially compromised in a breach of an Office of Personnel Management database were not encrypted, said OPM Director Katherine Archuleta.

4M feds could be affected in OPM hack

Hackers breached the Office of Personnel Management's computer systems and potentially compromised the personal data of about 4 million current and former employees, according to a statement from the agency emailed to reporters June 4.

FBI official calls for legal remedy to access encrypted communications in House hearing on terrorism

A senior FBI counterterrorism official emphasized the need for federal law enforcement officials to have the capability to legally access encrypted devices without the use of backdoors for investigating potential terrorist incidents.

Apple, Google and massive alliance tell Obama not to weaken encryption, introduce 'backdoors'

The companies were among more than 140 civil society groups, corporations, trade associations and security and policy experts urging President Obama to promote rather than undercut data encryption technology. 

Ex-NRC worker charged with attempted email phishing attack

A former Nuclear Regulatory Commission worker has been charged in connection with an attempted email spear-phishing attack that targeted dozens of Energy Department employee email accounts.