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Latest Headlines

Report: IoT makes the 'going dark' debate moot

More technology companies offer products and services with strong encryption, but when people use them to "go dark" – whether for innocent or nefarious purposes – it isn't as big of a problem as law enforcement officials have claimed, says a new report.

International relationships more important than ever in cybercrime investigations, says DOJ official

The Internet is not simply a domestic platform, and so prosecuting and preventing cybercrime is increasingly "a world issue," said a senior Justice Department official.

Cyber recommendations neglected at FBI, says report

A handful of recommendations the Justice Department Inspector General offered to bolster cybersecurity at the FBI remained open about two months following a report on the FBI's Next Generation Cyber Initiative.

Report: FBI investigates possible Super Bowl link to fiber optic cable mischief in the Bay Area

An internal FBI memo obtained by an NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C. reportedly showed federal officials' concern that recently compromised fiber optic cables in California may have been part of an attempt to disrupt the Super Bowl early next month.

Arrest highlights Islamic State's use of technology to recruit, fund attacks

A Maryland man arrested by the FBI last week on charges that he attempted to provide material support to ISIL used an array of technology to coordinate with the group.

FBI tests eFOIA portal, good government groups take issue with ID requirement

While the bureau says the new electronic system will boost its efficiency, government watchdogs say added requirements may prove to be counterproductive.

Cybercrime investigations strain Secret Service, risk duplicative efforts, says House committee

Cybercrime is a top priority of the Secret Service's investigative mission, according to a new report, but a House committee is concerned that the agency is focusing too much on combating cybercrime and may be venturing into work that overlaps with federal partners.

Hacker claims breach on CIA director Brennan's personal AOL account

A group of hackers claims one of their own hacked CIA director John Brennan's personal email account, according to several reports and unverified documents that the hackers have shared over social networks.

What keeps an FBI cyber official up at night?

"From our standpoint, the ability of a nation state or terrorist group to implant malware on a piece of critical infrastructure and manipulate that malware is significant for us," said Brett Leatherman, assistant section chief for cyber outreach at the FBI.

New report recommends US strategy to prevent Americans traveling overseas to fight for ISIS

More than 250 Americans are going overseas to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and other terrorist groups and the United States has largely failed to stop most of them, in part, because it lacks a national strategy, the House Homeland Security Committee said in the new bipartisan report.