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Latest Headlines

DOI, USDA not keeping track of contaminated sites, says report

The Agriculture and Interior Departments have identified many contaminated sites, but neither agency has a complete inventory, a says a Feb. 13 Government Accountability Office report. As of April 2014, USDA had identified 1,491 contaminated sites and many potentially contaminated sites, including landfills and shooting ranges.

Report: Interior, State and Education fail to use plain language

The Interior Department, State Department and Education Department all fail to communicate in plain language with the public, while all other agencies generally communicated well with the public, says Center for Plain Language in its annual report card.

DOI: Chippewa Cree retaliated against whistleblower claiming ARRA funds mismanagement

The Chippewa Cree Tribe retaliated against a whistleblower who claimed the tribe was mismanaging funds given them by the government under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, says a Jan. 12 Interior Department inspector general statement.

DOI expands land buy-back program to two more tribes

The Interior Department signed agreements with two tribal nations in Washington State to help those tribes buy back land, the department says in a Jan. 13 statement. The DOI's land buy-back program for tribal nations purchases land formerly owned by tribes and places it back into the ownership of the tribes.

IG: DOI won't meet 5-year goal of relocating Native American tribes

A plan to help Navajo and Hopi Indian tribes affected by a 1974 law that forced them to relocate won't be carried out in the original five-year time frame that was planned, says an Interior Department inspector general report.

DOI finds social media success by recognizing differences in platform

The Interior Department has found success in speaking to a national audience through its social media networks, says a Dec. 2 DigitalGov blog post. At DOI, each one of several social media platforms is utilized to reach a specific goal, the blog  post  says.

IG clears former DOI exec of improper influence

An Interior Department executive who dated a lobbyist involved with the agency was cleared of improper influence by the DOI inspector general in a Nov. 7 report. The IG investigated potential improper influence by Steve Black, at the time a senior counselor to former DOI Secretary Ken Salazar.

DOI, CIA lauded for Twitter engagement

The Interior Department and CIA are among several federal entities praised for their ability to engage citizens on Twitter in a new guide for good government tweeting published by the social media platform. In the handbook (pdf), Twitter credits the DOI with an account that is responsive to Twitter users.

IG: DOI not tracking conference spending

The Interior Department failed to accurately track its conference and could not provide actual cost information for 10 of its conferences, an Aug. 28 DOI inspector general report says. The IG looked at ten DOI conferences that exceeded $20,000 and found significant differences between estimated and actual costs, the report says.

DOI to hand out more than $43 million to states for conservation projects

The Interior Department will dole out $43.38 million from the Land and Water Conservation Fund to all 50 states and the District of Columbia for state-identified outdoor recreation and conservation projects, Secretary Sally Jewell announced July 8.