The Department of Defense (DoD) is a department of the federal government and has three main components: The departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The DoD is housed in the Pentagon building. The department's roles and limits are contained in Title 10 of the US Code. This section of the law has five components: Subtitle A refers to General Military Law, Subtitle B to the Army, Subtitle C to the Navy and the Marine Corps, Subtitle D to the Air Force and Subtitle E to Military Reserves. Important agencies within the DoD include the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency (NSA), the Missile Defense Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The DoD receives the largest portion of each year's federal discretionary spending budget. 



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DoD moves forward with plan to continuously evaluate personnel with security clearances

The Defense Department is moving forward with a program to evaluate military, civilian and contractor personnel with security clearances to see if they are actually eligible for those clearances, says a June 24 post by government transparency expert Steven Aftergood.

Goodrich: Agencies get better security through FedRAMP than they do with in-house systems

"Vastly, what we're seeing across the government is the realization that they've had a chance to input into those baselines – and it is a lot of controls, I won't deny that either – but you are actually going through and doing all of those controls versus agencies haven't been going through and doing those controls themselves," said Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP director.

Defense Department continues to update plans to protect US interests in Arctic region, GAO says

As melting sea ice opens once blocked portions of the Arctic to commerce, the Defense Department is stepping up efforts to support other federal agencies' activities in the region as well as update plans and future needs.

DoD and GSA could reduce excess property if they shared information better, says audit

The Defense Department and the General Services Administration could easily reduce excess property on military installations if the two agencies shared information better, says a June 18 Government Accountability Office audit.

DoD isn't monitoring housing allowances given to civilians overseas, GAO says

The Defense Department and its components don't always audit the housing allowances they give to civilian employees overseas to make sure the allowances are valid, says a June 16 Government Accountability Office report.

Key parts of DoD's nuclear modernization plan are deficient or delayed, GAO says

The DoD has made progress in its nuclear weapons modernization plan, but key parts of the plan have been delayed for years, says a June 15 Government Accountability Office report.

Army does not know how many soldiers it used to fill civilian positions

The Army doesn't know how many soldiers it placed in civilian posts to help with reduced staff levels due to sequestration-related budget cuts, says a June 15 Government Accountability Office report.

VA outlines data sharing capabilities, launch schedule for new health record tool

"We have shared data between DoD and VA for a long time. But what we have not always done – and we are creating now – is a system for providers at the point of care…that natively integrates all of the data from both sides," said David Waltman, senior advisor to the Under Secretary for Health, during a June 11 demonstration of EHMP at VA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Weapons system requirements are frequently changed by acquisition team, DoD officials tell GAO

Most military service officials told the Government Accountability Office that once weapon system requirements are developed and handed off to the acquisition team, the requirements are frequently changed without any input from the officials who actually wrote the requirements.

Senate forces the issue on VA-DoD EHR interoperability

The Senate last week approved an amendment (pdf) to the defense spending bill requiring the Pentagon and the VA to commit to a timeline for achieving interoperable medical records. The Interoperable...