The Department of Defense (DoD) is a department of the federal government and has three main components: The departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The DoD is housed in the Pentagon building. The department's roles and limits are contained in Title 10 of the US Code. This section of the law has five components: Subtitle A refers to General Military Law, Subtitle B to the Army, Subtitle C to the Navy and the Marine Corps, Subtitle D to the Air Force and Subtitle E to Military Reserves. Important agencies within the DoD include the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency (NSA), the Missile Defense Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The DoD receives the largest portion of each year's federal discretionary spending budget. 



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DoD report shows no cost difference when using cost-plus or fixed-price contracts

The first annual Defense Department acquisition report showed there was no statistical correlation between the use of contract type and lower cost or schedule growth. Between 1970 and 2011, fixed-price contracts did not exhibit a significantly different cost growth than cost-reimbursable contracts, the June 28 report (.pdf) says.

New DoD office shifts EHR acquisition away from IPO

The new, Defense Health Agency-based office will pursue a DoD core solution independent of the Veterans Affairs-DoD interagency program office that was once tasked with jointly developing an integrated electronic health record for both departments, according to a memo obtained by FierceGovernmentIT. "Our intent is to collaborate with the VA on any necessary changes to the IPO Charter and Joint Strategic Plan," writes DoD acquisition czar Frank Kendall

Cost of classification down in 2012, but fewer documents were classified

It cost almost $11 billion to declassify documents in 2012, which is down from $12.62 billion in 2011, a June 20 Information Security Oversight Office report (.pdf) says.

Takai: DoD is not 'hanging back and waiting' on spectrum

The Defense Department has dedicated 50 full time employees to work with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on freeing up DoD-held spectrum for commercial uses. In the next few months, NTIA will be giving agencies information on how to prepare to transition their spectrum, said Karl Nebbia, associate administrator of the office of spectrum management at NTIA.

DoD hasn't developed way to measure service acquisition improvements, GAO says

Despite taking several steps to address legislative requirements to improve acquisition and management services, the Defense Department hasn't developed a way to see what effects the actions have had on improving service acquisition, a June 27 Government Accountability Office report (.pdf) says. DoD hasn't established departmentwide metrics to asses its progress in improving service acquisition.

Spotlight: DoD awards MDM, app store contract

The Defense Information Systems Agency awarded a mobile device management and mobile application store firm fixed price contract to Bethesda, Md.-based Digital Management Inc. on June 27 with an initial award of $2.9 million and four, 6-month option periods costing up to almost $16 million, reports the agency.

DoD inks MDM, app store contract potentially costing $16M

The Defense Information Systems Agency has awarded a mobile device management and mobile application store contract that will serve as the foundation of the Defense Department's  mobile implementation plan, announced the agency in a June 28  statement.

DoD steps up contractor performance assessments

The Defense Department has completed significantly more contractor performance assessments in recent years, in terms of both number and percentage, a report from the Government Accountability Office says. The report credits the improvements to several efforts, including expanded training.

DoD subcontractor whistleblowers now protected

Starting July 1, Defense Department subcontractors and whistleblowers who make internal complaints will be covered under a new provision in the fiscal 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. The new protection in section 827 of the NDAA (.pdf) will only be applicable to contracts made on or after July 1 or task orders on existing contracts that are made after July 1.

VA-DoD integrated health app coming, says VA official

The Veterans Affairs and Defense departments are working on a mobile application that will complement the integrated electronic health record, said Kathleen Frisbee, director of web and mobile solutions at VA.