The Department of Defense (DoD) is a department of the federal government and has three main components: The departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The DoD is housed in the Pentagon building. The department's roles and limits are contained in Title 10 of the US Code. This section of the law has five components: Subtitle A refers to General Military Law, Subtitle B to the Army, Subtitle C to the Navy and the Marine Corps, Subtitle D to the Air Force and Subtitle E to Military Reserves. Important agencies within the DoD include the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency (NSA), the Missile Defense Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The DoD receives the largest portion of each year's federal discretionary spending budget. 



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Federal database tracks wartime contracts

In a display of collaboration and congeniality, three federal agencies have been using an interagency database that tracks wartime contracts and contractors. The database has been developed for the

DOD EHR system often crashes, creates duplicate records

Anything is possible in the electronic health record world we live in. It's trumpeted as a great way to ease costs and streamline problems in healthcare. But at the Department of Defense, top health

e-Health has more than a few problems

It won't be easy to develop a national network to exchange electronic records. In fact, federal agencies and healthcare providers will be taking deep breaths and counting to 10 before it actually

Feds work toward e-Health records

Twenty-six federal agencies have been ahead of the game in helping the government gravitate to e-health records. The agencies are about to release common codes that will help the federal government

How to make e-Health records a reality

The Obama administration is about to spend $19 billion to make computerized medical records a part of doctor's offices. It's one of many components in the stimulus plan signed into law last week. But

Government execs go to cybersecurity school

Military officers, government agency executives and government contracting executives are going back to school--to cybersecurity school, that is. With computer security threats growing by the day,

DOD and VA share health records

The Defense and Veterans Affairs departments are planning to do something that most agencies just dream about. By September, they plan to have interoperable health records to streamline information