The Department of Defense (DoD) is a department of the federal government and has three main components: The departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The DoD is housed in the Pentagon building. The department's roles and limits are contained in Title 10 of the US Code. This section of the law has five components: Subtitle A refers to General Military Law, Subtitle B to the Army, Subtitle C to the Navy and the Marine Corps, Subtitle D to the Air Force and Subtitle E to Military Reserves. Important agencies within the DoD include the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency (NSA), the Missile Defense Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The DoD receives the largest portion of each year's federal discretionary spending budget. 



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DoD, GAO disagree on how many financial management goals the agency has met

The Defense Department has made some progress in implementing congressionally mandated financial management strategies, but there's some disagreement over how many goals the DoD has actually met, according to a Sept. 28 Government Accountability Office report.

Intelligence, Defense officials skeptical of US-China cyber agreement

Officials from the Defense Department and Intelligence community said they aren't confident a broad agreement on cybersecurity signed by President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will be a successful deterrence measure in cyberspace.

GAO: Small businesses working with DoD need cybersecurity guidance

While the Office of Small Business Programs within the Defense Department isn't required to educate small businesses on cybersecurity, the Government Accountability Office said officials there recognize that cybersecurity is "an important and timely issue."

OPM underestimated fingerprint data theft, says 5.6M fingerprints stolen

The Office of Personnel Management said five times more people had their fingerprint data stolen as part of recent breaches than it initially thought.

DoD seeks hosting solution for DHMSM

The Defense Health Agency issued a request for information for hosting services that support its health record modernization program through the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, or SPAWAR, on Sept. 21.

More military investment in Internet of Things can help warfighter, save on costs, report finds

A Washington, D.C.-based think tank said DoD's current use of IoT technologies is focused on combat applications, but such technologies are also used in noncombat settings such as the use of radio frequency identification tags to track shipments and manage inventories.

DoD CIO plans to let contractors use commercial cloud services on DoD property

Hoping to tap into the business and mission benefits of co-locating Defense Department data with the data of its contractors, DoD is crafting a hybrid cloud computing strategy that would allow commercial cloud providers to serve non-government clients on infrastructure that is physically located at military facilities.

GAO: Many federal agencies not following OMB guidance to complete IT reinvesment plans

Of the 27 agencies that are required to submit reinvestment plans – including one-time and ongoing plans – to the Office of Management and Budget, only five had fully implemented such guidance while the remaining 22 agencies have partially implemented it.

DoD hopes better cybersecurity automation will weed out 'basic players'

The Defense Department is working with Silicon Valley to bolster cybersecurity with a specific focus on automating the detection of and reaction to "zero-day" attacks on defense networks, according to Richard Hale, DoD's deputy chief information officer for cybersecurity.

Leaked DoD proposal shows plan to reclassify civilian jobs, cut ties with GS pay scale

A Defense Department draft proposal obtained by the American Federation of Government Employees reveals that the Pentagon plans to reclassify its civilian workforce from the General Schedule system to one run solely by DoD.