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Latest Headlines

Most cyber espionage state-affiliated, targets United States

Cyber espionage in 2013 tended to be committed by state-affiliated actors, target the United States, and originate in East Asia or Eastern Europe, says an annual report by security researchers at Verizon.

The Postal Service isn't stockpiling ammunition

The Postal Service is the latest federal agency to come under conspiracy-minded allegations of stockpiling ammunition – leading an agency spokesman to issue a debunking statement. "The Postal Service is not hoarding ammunition," USPS spokesman Dave Partenheimer said in a April 21 blog post.

Moderate risks in DHS cyber threat signature sharing, says privacy office

Sharing of cyber threat information by the Homeland Security Department with the private sector presents some modest privacy risks, says the departmental privacy office.

Senate confirms two high-level DHS nominees

The Senate Monday confirmed two Homeland Security Department undersecretaries, further dropping the agency's rate of high-level vacancies.

GSA wants to trade two southwest D.C. buildings for renovations of federal facilities

The General Services Administration wants to trade two buildings in a section of Washington, D.C. dominated by aging federal structures to developers in exchange for renovation work in its headquarters and buildings at the St. Elizabeths campus.

Audio: Dan Tangherlini on Federal Triangle South development request for qualifications

Dan Tangherlini, the head of the General Services Administration, spoke with reporters Monday a request for qualifications to consolidate GSA regional offices into GSA headquarters.

Clarity in OMB, DHS roles should be addressed in cybersecurity legislation

Confusion over which responsibilities for federal cybersecurity policy reside in the Office of Management and Budget rather than in the Homeland Security Department isn't helping federal networks be more secure, a witness told a Senate panel.

DHS needs backup system for Workplace as a Service, say auditors

The Homeland Security Department should implement disaster recovery capabilities to its telework virtual desktop system so agency teleworkers can access it during should an emergency strike the two DHS data centers that run it, says the departmental office of inspector general.

No dedicated state and local grants for NIST cybersecurity framework adoption

State and local operators of critical infrastructure won't get a dedicated grant program to foster adoption of a cybersecurity framework the government released earlier this year – not unless Congress approves legislation allowing it, said a Homeland Security Department official.

Obama administration considers proposing limited liability protection for cyber threat sharing

Whether to propose extending limited liability protection to companies sharing cyber threat information is under consideration within the Obama administration, a top civilian cybersecurity official said Wednesday.