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Latest Headlines

Radiation levels from X-ray scanners that screened airport travelers were safe, says report

Weapons-detecting X-ray scanners that were removed from U.S. airports two years ago due to privacy concerns met federal safety limits for radiation exposure, accoridng to a new scientific report funded by the Homeland Security Department.

DHS developing 3-D, real-time X-ray scanning rover to help first responders detect IEDs

The Science and Technology Directorate said that its integrating the detection technology into existing, commercially available midsize robots widely used by civilian bomb squads, by mounting the X-ray generator onto a robotic arm's sensor-tool bracket.

DHS, SBA and Broadcast Board ranked worst agencies for employee satisfaction, engagement in OPM survey

While NASA and Office of Management and Budget enjoyed high marks in employee satisfaction, agencies like the Homeland Security Department and the Small Business Administration pulled up the rear in the Office of Personnel Management's annual fed survey.

Spotlight: Senators want DOJ stingray rules extended to DHS

In a Sept. 29 letter, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) urged DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to "adopt a default warrant requirement, as DOJ did" for the use of cellphone duping technology, called stingrays.

DHS funding development of smartphone 'brain chip' that learns user behavior, confirm identities

With $2.2 million in Homeland Security Department funding, Boeing is partnering with a software company to develop a smartphone "brain chip" to verify that the phone's owner is who they say they are.

GAO: Federal integrator of biosurveillance activities should be strengthened or eliminated

The National Biosurveillance Integration Center, which was established through the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, faces many challenges in its roles as analyzer, coordinator and innovator.

US, China reach cybersecurity agreement, commit to regular dialogue

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping jointly announced today a broad agreement on cybersecurity terms between their nations, including unexpected considerations focused on protecting intellectual property.

FedRAMP TIC overlay pilots to answer questions around agency, cloud provider responsibilities

For the past six months, the CIO Council's Cloud TIC Interagency Working Group has been working with cloud service providers to determine how to best meet the FedRAMP TIC overlay capability requirements.

FEMA has taken steps to improve responses to FOIA requests, but several challenges remain

The Office of Government Information Services review pointed out that FEMA reported in fiscal 2014 that it had "several of the oldest pending requests" at the Homeland Security Departrment, including the third-oldest request across the department.

OPM underestimated fingerprint data theft, says 5.6M fingerprints stolen

The Office of Personnel Management said five times more people had their fingerprint data stolen as part of recent breaches than it initially thought.