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Latest Headlines

CBP, ICE still face radio communications challenges along southwest border, GAO says

Agencies in the Homeland Security Department have been trying establish interoperable radio communications along the southwest border, but they've fallen short of testing and managing such initiatives as well as getting users better trained on the upgraded systems.

GAO: Oversight of some major DHS programs' cost and performance lacking

The Government Accountability Office said DHS has improved certain aspects of its acquisition management process in recent years, which is important to make sure that programs are living up to their promise.

DHS's Brothers tweets about science and tech projects, goals

Reginald Brothers, who heads the Homeland Security Department's research and development arm, took to Twitter March 1, answering questions ranging from cybersecurity and airport security to the Islamic State.

Obama signs full-year DHS funding bill after House relents on rolling back immigration actions

The House March 3 approved a "clean" bill without those immigration conditions by a 257-167 vote. Seventy-five Republicans voted with 182 Democrats to approve the bill. The Senate had already passed that bill last Friday

CIO council endorses DoD's mobile app vetting process

The Federal Chief Information Officer's Council recommends agencies use a methodology employed by the Defense Department for their mobile application vetting needs.

Congress replays DHS funding debate this week; countdown resumes to Friday midnight deadline

Congressional lawmakers will again wrangle this week to fund the Homeland Security Department before a March 6 deadline. Lawmakers avoided a partial shutdown when it approved a one-week funding extension for the department, which had been running on a continuing resolution that was set to expire last Friday.

Crime, violence and poverty in Central America drove child exodus to US over the last 2 years, GAO says

Federal officials conducted interviews with migrants, their families and other organizations, analyzed various reports, and conducted surveys, among other things. The GAO report also included examples of programs implemented by those officials to address the migration.

Clock ticks for Congress to pass full DHS budget; Johnson warns of impacts to department

The Senate Feb. 26 is poised to pass a clean bill that it advanced the day before by a 98-2 vote. It fully funds DHS, which has been operating on a continuing resolution for fiscal 2015. That resolution expires on Feb. 27 at 11:59 p.m. 

Executive order meant to apply internationally, says Schwartz

The executive order issued by the White House Feb. 13 will enable private sector companies to better share cybersecurity threat information, whether they're domestic or international entities.

New DHS assessment highlights rise of sovereign citizens threat, CNN reports

Among the findings, violence from sovereign citizens this year "will occur most frequently during routine law enforcement encounters at a suspect's home, during enforcement stops and at government offices," according to the report.