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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Rep. Hurd says data center consolidation, not modernization fund, is key to funding IT upgrades

The Obama administration for months has been fiercely pushing its proposed $3.1 billion IT modernization revolving fund, but the chairman of a House panel overseeing federal IT issues said this week that that's not his preferred approach.

Halvorsen's new strategy for data center savings: Cut the people

Halvorsen explained that he believes having employees monitor and maintain servers is a poor use of labor. By installing automation tools at data centers, Halvorsen believes he can achieve savings beyond the $1.8 billion projected for DoD through fiscal 2018.

VA seeking enterprise cloud broker in cloud push

The Veterans Affairs department is looking to move more aggressively to the cloud, and adopting VA CIO LaVerne Council's "buy first" strategy is an important first step. In a Request for Information the department put out last week, the VA expressed its desire to acquire an enterprise cloud services broker, or ECSB."

IG: DoD far off track on data center consolidation

The Defense Department lags in meeting key milestones required as part of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, or FDCCI, according to a new report from the DoD Inspector General.

VA CIO places renewed focus on cloud, data center consolidation

The Veterans Affairs Department will launch a major push to adopt cloud computing technologies next month, according to VA Chief Information Officer LaVerne Council. The agency will kick off a contract in the coming weeks to begin using email as a service and secure cloud storage.

Data center closures to save agencies at least $8.2B by 2019, but challenges remain

Federal agencies closed 3,125 data centers through fiscal year 2015, and plan to close an additional 2,078 by the end of fiscal year 2019 as part of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative. The closures saved $2.8 billion from 2011-2015 and will save an additional $5.4 billion, for a total of $8.2 billion, once all 5,203 centers are closed by 2019.

Education Department CIO says FITARA Scorecard is bogus

The Education and Energy departments were ranked the worst among federal agencies for their failure to execute the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, or FITARA, in a scorecard issued by lawmakers earlier this month.

New data center consolidation requirements coming, says Scott

Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott plans to issue updated data center consolidation guidelines to agency CIOs in the coming months.

Army allows commercial cloud providers to operate on base

As part of the Army's data center consolidation efforts, the service will merge data centers run by several Army components into a single facility run by a commercial cloud service provider at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, reports  Federal News Radio.

Dawn Leaf makes the case for a cloud practitioner roadmap

More than five years ago, Dawn Leaf led the National Institute of Standards and Technology's work to write a cloud computing roadmap for the federal government. Since that time, there's been no shortage of additional resources for departments to rely on as they move systems to the cloud, but as Labor Department chief information officer, Leaf sees an important element missing.