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Latest Headlines

Army allows commercial cloud providers to operate on base

As part of the Army's data center consolidation efforts, the service will merge data centers run by several Army components into a single facility run by a commercial cloud service provider at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, reports  Federal News Radio.

Dawn Leaf makes the case for a cloud practitioner roadmap

More than five years ago, Dawn Leaf led the National Institute of Standards and Technology's work to write a cloud computing roadmap for the federal government. Since that time, there's been no shortage of additional resources for departments to rely on as they move systems to the cloud, but as Labor Department chief information officer, Leaf sees an important element missing.

Survey: Majority of government CIOs say they don't have sufficient IT resources

A recent survey found that 62 percent of government chief information officers said they don't have sufficient resources to do their jobs effectively.

JIE not a program of record, says Takai

A Defense Department effort to restructure its information technology infrastructure is not a program of record, although it is subject to program of record-like oversight, said DoD Chief Information Officer Teri Takai.

DHS OCIO spending goes drastically down in fiscal 2014

Under the compromise fiscal 2014 omnibus act (H.R. 3547) that funds the entire federal government this fiscal year, the DHS OCIO has $257.16 million in appropriations. That's an amount about 21 percent less than the office's  request  of $327.25 million.

Agencies move forward with data-center efficiency efforts

Efforts throughout government to cut the cost of federal data centers continue to grind along, with the General Services Administration and the Defense Information Systems Agency recently announcing separate progress. The Homeland Security Department also published a Sept. 30  request for information  that said the department plans to transition from a data center model where it pays for data centers by the square foot to an "as-a-service" model where it pays for use.

Army CIO/G6 Susan Lawrence retires

Army Chief Information Office and G6 Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence is leaving her position, posting a final  message  online on Oct. 1. Lawrence's tenure saw the service migrating to a departmentwide Microsoft Exchange cloud  solution for email--an effort that wasn't without challenge, leading Lawrence in August 2011 to announce an operational pause. "We uncovered some pretty nasty stuff,"  said  Lawrence at the time, citing an unorganized network as the primary culprit for the delay

Definition changes 'driving force' behind federal data center tally, says VanRoekel

Changes in the Office of Management and Budget definition of "data center" are more responsible for the growth in enumerated federal data centers than poor inventory management, Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel told a July 25 House panel.

IRS lacks a plan for data center consolidation, finds TIGTA

Data center consolidation at the Internal Revenue Service lacks a formal plan to address challenges, map milestones and set time frames, writes the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration in a June 10 report.

Savings from data center consolidation unclear, likely minimal so far

Savings so far from federal data center consolidation are difficult to estimate for their lack of reporting, but are "believed to be minimal" as of last November--nearly 3 years after the Office of Management and Budget launched an initiative to reduce the number of federal data centers by 40 percent--says the GAO.