Cybersecurity has grown in importance as networked systems become irreplaceable methods for delivering federal services and enabling day-to-day operations. The Office of Management and Budget reported in March 2010 that during fiscal 2010 agencies identified 41,776 cyber incidents--a 39 percent increase in cyber attacks over the previous year.

Big changes are afoot in the federal cyber arena, with the Defense Department having stood up Cyber Command, the Homeland Security Department readying active defense measures for federal networks and the entire federal government debating the role it should play in securing critical infrastructure in private sector hands. 



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

3,000 vulnerabilities in DOI systems found, patched following OPM breach

Before remediating a number of vulnerabilities in response to the breach of two Office of Personnel Management databases, the Interior Department had about 3,000 critical and high-risk vulnerabilities across hundreds of publicly and remotely accessible systems, said a department watchdog during recent congressional testimony.

NATO study finds vulnerabilities in cross-border information infrastructure

Despite the current focus on cybersecurity in relation to foreign operators, one of the least explored areas of cyber vulnerabilities is cross-border dependency on cyber infrastructure, a new report finds.

Cybersecurity sprint ends with some agencies reporting successes

The 30-day "cybersecurity sprint" federal agencies undertook in response to serious data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management wrapped up July 12. Now, agencies await review from senior Obama administration officials and the promised Federal Civilian Cybersecurity Strategy.

NSA cybersecurity tool now publicly available

The National Security Agency released a cybersecurity tool publicly to GitHub that lets computers maintain a defined security posture.

Archuleta resigns in wake of OPM breach

Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta submitted her resignation to President Barack Obama on Friday, according to an emailed statement from an agency spokesperson. Archuleta steps down just one day after publicly announcing that 21.5 million individuals' sensitive records were stolen in a breach of the agency's background investigation database.

OPM reveals 21.5M affected in background investigation data breach

Federal investigators confirmed today that 21.5 million people have had their sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, stolen from Office of Personnel Management background investigation databases.

DHS has 'leading suspect' in OPM hack but won't point fingers

The federal government has a "leading suspect" in its investigation of two information technology system breaches at the Office of Personnel Management that compromised the sensitive data of millions of people.

NTEU sues OPM over data breach

The National Treasury Employees Union has sued the Office of Personnel management over the recently disclosed data breach.

Industry, government back proposal to amend cyber crime law

A proposal to amend and modernize cybercrime laws was met with support from federal officials and industry executives alike.

NIST proposes new ways to secure email, mobile devices

Two new information technology security building blocks proposed through a National Institute of Standards and Technology public-private partnership could help organizations make email and mobile devices more secure.