Cybersecurity has grown in importance as networked systems become irreplaceable methods for delivering federal services and enabling day-to-day operations. The Office of Management and Budget reported in March 2010 that during fiscal 2010 agencies identified 41,776 cyber incidents--a 39 percent increase in cyber attacks over the previous year.

Big changes are afoot in the federal cyber arena, with the Defense Department having stood up Cyber Command, the Homeland Security Department readying active defense measures for federal networks and the entire federal government debating the role it should play in securing critical infrastructure in private sector hands. 



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Army pushing for more cybersecurity personnel to combat increasing threats, attacks

As part of its efforts to combat rising cyber threats and attacks, the Army is launching the Cyber Protection Brigade and could start a new cyber branch as soon as the second week of October, an official said.

NATO adopts cybersecurity policy, says such threats, attacks no different from conventional ones

At the two-day Wales summit, the alliance issued pledges and decisions in a number of areas-- including cybersecurity-- to better meet various security challenges. It adopted an Enhanced Cyber Defence Policy that lays out the principles for its members to defend against cyber threats and attacks as they become more frequent, complex and potentially damaging.

Cybersecurity technologies being developed, implemented to advance smart grid, new report says

Technologies with built-in cybersecurity functions are in development and in some cases rolling out across the nation's electricity grid as it's being transformed into a smart grid, according to the Energy Department's new status report.

DOJ: Former HHS cybersecurity head convicted on child porn charges

The former acting cybersecurity head of the Health and Human Services Department is facing sentencing after being convicted Aug. 26 by a federal jury on child pornography charges, the Justice Department said.

Report: DHS needs to improve cyber threat data sharing with critical infrastructure sectors

A voluntary program to share cyber threat data with organizations across 16 critical infrastructure sectors has expanded over the past year. But the Homeland Security Department's watchdog recently said enrollment has been slow and the quality of information shared needs improvement.

DHS offers online, open-source collaborative environment to help improve software

A new online environment to help developers and researchers test their software for security weaknesses and vulnerabilities- and improve them- is open for business, the Homeland Security Department...

Report: US needs to adopt minimal national security standard for cybersecurity

The United States cannot allow cyber insecurity in information systems to reach a point where weaknesses would result in leaders "unwilling to make a decision or unable to act on a decision fundamental to our national security," said a new think tank report, suggesting a new national security standard for what's important to protect in cyberspace.

Lew: Financial institutions need to beef up computer systems against cyber attacks

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said financial institutions need to implement stronger measures to protect their customers from cyber attacks and disruptions.

IG: Despite efforts to improve security, NASA computer networks still vulnerable

Due to an uptick in cyber attacks on the space agency's networks and web sites in recent years, the U.S. space agency launched a program to improve its cybersecurity and cut down on potential ways for hackers to get into its systems. A recent report by the NASA inspector general lauds the program's efforts, but notes that there's still room for more improvement.

Study: Utilities, others in critical infrastructure sector unprepared for cyber attacks

Nearly 70 percent of water, power, oil and gas, and other companies in the critical infrastructure sector said they've experienced at least one cybersecurity breach over the last 12 months, a new Ponemon Institute global survey finds.