Cybersecurity has grown in importance as networked systems become irreplaceable methods for delivering federal services and enabling day-to-day operations. The Office of Management and Budget reported in March 2010 that during fiscal 2010 agencies identified 41,776 cyber incidents--a 39 percent increase in cyber attacks over the previous year.

Big changes are afoot in the federal cyber arena, with the Defense Department having stood up Cyber Command, the Homeland Security Department readying active defense measures for federal networks and the entire federal government debating the role it should play in securing critical infrastructure in private sector hands. 



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DHS secretary seeks to form new panel to advise department on leading cybersecurity practices

The subcommittee will "identify the readiness of the department's lifeline sectors to meet the emerging cyber threat and provide recommendations for building cross-sector capabilities to rapidly restore critical functions and services following a signficant cyber event," according to a Federal Register notice.

Beyond compliance: Advanced management and security practices for health data

As several recent, private sector breaches have illustrated, personally identifiable information, or PII, is not immune to cyber threats. 

Russian hackers infiltrated Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified network, reports NBC News

The Pentagon took down the Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified email network after it noticed suspicious activity that later revealed a cyber attack by Russian hackers,  NBC News  reported Aug. 6, citing unnamed sources. 

VA to have comprehensive cybersecurity plan by month's end, says official

A major cybersecurity push at the Veterans Affairs Department's Office of Information & Technology will result in an enterprise-wide cybersecurity plan by the end of August, said Dr. Paul Tibbits, deputy chief information officer for architecture, strategy and design at VA OI&T while speaking at a conference last week.

Spotlight: JCS network down for more than a week for cyber investigation

The Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified email network has been down for more than a week – at least since July 29 – for an investigation into suspicious activity.

IG: Lack of cybersecurity staff, technology left USPS vulnerable to 2014 attack

A lack of properly trained cybersecurity workers and a comprehensive cyber strategy were major reasons why the U.S. Postal Service experienced a data breach late last year, a new report found.

Bill would specify, bolster DHS' job as protector of the dot-gov domain

Six senators have partnered to introduce a bipartisan bill that would give the Homeland Security Department more authority to protect federal civilian networks.

Bill seeks trade penalties on foreign countries that harbor hackers

In response to the compromise of 22 million federal workers' records after a cyberattack on the Office of Personnel Management, a bill proposes new retaliation tactics against foreign cyber perpetrators.

Boston readies new firewall against potential cyberattacks

Boston will spend $3.5 million over the next five years to beef up its firewall and enhance the security of its computing networks.

Leaked emails show plans for cyber surveillance via drones

Boeing's drone-manufacturing subsidiary Insitu is working on a way to deliver spyware through drones, according to a news report based on leaked internal email messages.