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Latest Headlines

'Credible threats' the best form of defense in cyberspace, expert tells Congress

"We need to make credible threats. We need to have countries believe that we will respond with some punitive action," James Andrew Lewis, director of the strategic technologies program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told lawmakers.

More military investment in Internet of Things can help warfighter, save on costs, report finds

A Washington, D.C.-based think tank said DoD's current use of IoT technologies is focused on combat applications, but such technologies are also used in noncombat settings such as the use of radio frequency identification tags to track shipments and manage inventories.

Cyberwarfare key component of China's military modernization, new wide-ranging CSIS report says

Written by Anthony Cordesman, a long-time defense and security expert at CSIS, and Steven Colley, a former researcher there, the more than 600-page report focuses on key trends in China's military modernization efforts – including cyberwarfare – as well as its strategy and forces.

Current and former DoD execs rally against NDAA amendment decentralizing DoD acquisition power

Former and current Defense Department officials have taken issue with a provision in the Senate's defense authorization proposal that shifts power away from Pentagon's acquisition chief.

Lacking clear policy, US struggles to turn tide against the Islamic State, observers say

More than a year after the the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took control of Iraq's second-largest city, efforts by the U.S.to weaken the terrorist group don't seem to be working, panelists said at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event.

Auditor questions the sustainability of US-led Afghan forces

The auditor that oversees reconstruction in Afghanistan expressed concern about the capability and long-term sustainability of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, which the United States has spent $62.5 billion to build over the last 13 years.

Top Army contracting official says oversight is too burdensome to promote cutting edge technology

The Defense Department acquisition process has become burdensome, leaving the Army behind in technology development, said Heidi Shyu, assistant secretary of the army for acquisition, logistics and technology at an April 21 Center for Strategic and International Studies event.

ACLU fears 'mass suspicionless surveillance' via law enforcement drone use

The ACLU has called for rules that limit law enforcement agencies' use of drones when collecting evidence of wrongdoing, for emergencies or other uses where there's no reason to think it would invade privacy.

CSIS gives recommendations for shoring up cybersecurity, while protecting privacy

In response to the increase in cyber threats' frequency and complexity, a new report makes 11 recommendations for shoring up security while protecting privacy through information sharing.

Cyber attack on German plant just a step below Stuxnet, says cyber expert

While a reported cyber attack on a German industrial plant last year may not have risen to the level that the damaging Stuxnet computer worm could have inflicted, a well-regarded Washington, D.C., cybersecurity expert said it was pretty close.