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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: More government data breaches due to human error than cyber espionage, finds report

Governments in 2015 lost more data from simple mishandling than from cases of cyber espionage, found security analysts in a new report.

Spotlight: FBI unlocks second iPhone without Apple

The FBI managed to unlock a second iPhone on Monday, which it previously asserted it needed Apple's assistance to unlock, because someone gave the agency the passcode.

The few, the proud, the cyber Marines

The U.S. Marine Corps is taking the fight to the cyber domain. As part of a larger effort to improve the U.S. military's cyber force, the service recently launched its Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group, or MCCYWG.

FBI unlocks San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, drops case against Apple

The FBI on Monday dropped its charges against Apple, in a legal battle that had the federal government attempting to force the company to unlock the iPhone 5C of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook.

Spotlight: Dark Web isn't such a terrorist hotbed after all, study finds

A study of content on the Tor darknet revealed that, of 2,713 active websites, 1,547 were illicit – but only 140 were associated with extremism.

DOJ charges 7 Iran-sponsored hackers with attacks on US financial sector, New York dam

The Justice Department has indicted seven Iranian hackers who were responsible for a 176-day distributed denial of service, or DDoS, campaign aimed at the U.S. financial sector. This is the first time the U.S. government has formally charged state-sponsored individuals for trying to disrupt networks of key U.S. industries, according to The Washington Post.

DOJ charges Syrian Electronic Army members with several hacking conspiracies

The three accused Syrian nationals largely undertook spear-phishing and extortion schemes in support of Syrian President  Bashar   al-Assad's  government, according to two criminal complaints the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia unsealed Tuesday. However, some of the activities appeared to be targeted purely for personal gain.

Report: Encryption wasn't key to carrying out Paris attacks

The New York Times  reported that the coordinated Paris attacks in November 2015 did not rely heavily on encryption technology, but rather on prepaid "burner" phones that were brand new and promptly discarded after the attackers exchanged communications over only several activated minutes.

Civil liberties groups ask White House for a seat at the table in discussions on countering violent extremism online

Obama administration officials are reportedly engaging the tech community on how to counter the spread of violent extremism and propaganda through online platforms and social media, but civil liberties groups say they've been excluded from the conversation.

CYBERCOM disrupting Islamic State communications, networks, says Carter

The U.S. military's Cyber Command has begun using cyber attacks to disrupt the Islamic State's ability to operate and communicate over the digital battlefield, said Defense Secretary Ashton Carter during a Monday press briefing.