Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Nation state actors dominate the changing cyberthreat landscape in new report

Global conflicts have emerged as the preeminent driver of cybersecurity threats, eclipsing attacks by individual, private actors that were often driven by financial motives, according to Crowdstrike's 2015 Global Threat Report.

Clapper: Cyber is the top threat to the nation

For the last three years, the Director of National Intelligence has ranked "cyber" the number-one threat to national security, said DNI James Clapper during a speech at the U.S. Naval Academy Jan. 29.

IDC: Federal IT security spending to rise 11% for national defense, emergency services

As cybersecurity continues to take on a more significant role in the total framework of national security, the federal government has matched that increase in importance with a sizeable increase in spending, according to IDC.

Continued pressure on DHS to monitor social media in visa investigations

The Homeland Security Department on Friday faced another call from Capitol Hill to incorporate the monitoring of social media platforms into the background checks of visa applicants.

Spotlight: Push ISIS to the dark Web, says Google exec

Speaking at an event in the United Kingdom Monday, Google's Director of Ideas Jared Cohen said the Islamic State's online propaganda would be significantly hampered if the group was pushed from the open Web to dark Web networks, such as Tor. 

GAO: TSA needs more efficient testing processes for screening technology

The Transportation Security Administration has made an effort to better test and evaluate airport screening technology, but the steps don't go far enough, according to the Government Accountability Office.

DHS debuts more detailed terror threat Bulletin system

The Department of Homeland Security issued its first NTAS Bulletin Dec. 16 under a relaunch of the National Terrorism Advisory System.

Arrest highlights Islamic State's use of technology to recruit, fund attacks

A Maryland man arrested by the FBI last week on charges that he attempted to provide material support to ISIL used an array of technology to coordinate with the group.

McCaul to intro bill that creates encryption commission

Digital communications have become a homeland security concern as extremists conceal messaging through readily available, legal technology. As the encryption debate heats up, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) has called for a commission to make policy recommendations on the subject.

New report recommends US strategy to prevent Americans traveling overseas to fight for ISIS

More than 250 Americans are going overseas to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and other terrorist groups and the United States has largely failed to stop most of them, in part, because it lacks a national strategy, the House Homeland Security Committee said in the new bipartisan report.