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Latest Headlines

CIA looks to cloud, big data to advance mission

The Central Intelligence Agency is embracing cloud computing technology to help ease the burden of computing-intensive analytics programs that produce intelligence for its agents. It's also opening doors that will help the CIA to partner with innovative vendors in the big data market.

FedRAMP TIC overlay pilots to answer questions around agency, cloud provider responsibilities

For the past six months, the CIO Council's Cloud TIC Interagency Working Group has been working with cloud service providers to determine how to best meet the FedRAMP TIC overlay capability requirements.

DoD CIO plans to let contractors use commercial cloud services on DoD property

Hoping to tap into the business and mission benefits of co-locating Defense Department data with the data of its contractors, DoD is crafting a hybrid cloud computing strategy that would allow commercial cloud providers to serve non-government clients on infrastructure that is physically located at military facilities.

DoD implements stricter cyber incident oversight, cloud computing guidelines

The Defense Department Wednesday initiated two sets of policies to enforce stricter guidelines when dealing with the 10,000 contractors the department trusts with offsite cyber information.

82% of cloud implementations in government went through FedRAMP, reports GSA

The General Service Administration reports that 82 percent of cloud implementations in the federal government are now covered by a security authorization through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP.

'Cloud tax' troubles Chicago tech startups

The city's sudden decision to levy taxes on cloud-based entertainment services has rattled the local computing technology industry as it tries to understand just how far the ruling will reach.

Dawn Leaf makes the case for a cloud practitioner roadmap

More than five years ago, Dawn Leaf led the National Institute of Standards and Technology's work to write a cloud computing roadmap for the federal government. Since that time, there's been no shortage of additional resources for departments to rely on as they move systems to the cloud, but as Labor Department chief information officer, Leaf sees an important element missing.

New report to congressional caucus paints broad picture of cloud computing progress, obstacles

While the report said that most agencies are "fence sitters," there are those who are unwilling or hesitant to move to the cloud because these "box huggers...fear loss of control and getting blamed for failure."

TIC overlay just the beginning for FedRAMP, says Goodrich

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program aims to accelerate the authorization of cloud computing technologies across the federal government, but instead of one more federal IT security mandate agencies must comply with, FedRAMP Director Matt Goodrich says the program has a unique role to streamline security processes across several initiatives.

NIH agrees to let human genomics researchers move sensitive data to the cloud

The National Institutes of Health gave the go-ahead to transfer controlled-access genomic and phonotypic data obtained from NIH-designated data repositories to either public or private cloud computing systems.