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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: DoD approves Amazon cloud

All military services and Defense Department components are now permitted to lease computing space through Amazon Web Services.

Cloud-based education apps could be data mining for ads

A public sector cloud computing association says court filings made by Google in its defense against a lawsuit filed over email keyword-targeted advertising show the search engine giant data mining educational users for as targeting purposes.

European Parliament committee taking steps to recommend suspension of U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Agreement

A European Parliament committee is getting ready to recommend suspension of the safe harbor agreement allowing American companies to attest they meet the union's data protection requirements and so legally process Europeans' data.

Schneier: Why predictions that the Internet would destroy institutions fell short

Predictions that the Internet would fully undermine institutional power failed to realize that technology enhances power no matter who wields it, security technology expert Bruce Schneier argues. What Schneier calls "distributed powers" gained power in the early years of the Internet, before institutional powers learned to harness new technologies.

European Commission calls for U.S. to repair broken trust over data flows

The European Commission is calling for revisions to the policy mechanism that allows American companies to attest they satisfy European data protection requirements, stating that recent  revelations  about the extent of U.S. intelligence surveillance had negatively affected trans-Atlantic trust.

Cyber must avoid a 'sub-prime' situation, says Healey

Cyberspace today looks much like the financial sector looked before 2008, said Jay Healey, director of the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative. It's complex and interconnected but risk has not been fully assessed, said Healey, who spoke Oct. 23 at an event at the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C.

European Parliament committee set to vote for data sharing restrictions

A European Parliament committee is set to vote Monday on a data protection measure that will include restrictions on the transfer of individuals' data for law enforcement or intelligence purposes outside of the European Union. The European Union has had under consideration for two years now a General Data Protection Regulation to update privacy regulations not updated since the mid-1990s.

Fifth Amendment privileges take on new light due to cloud computing

As cloud computing technology continues to become more pervasive, the application of the Fifth Amendment to protecting a suspect's encrypted data is likely to become a more prevalent issue in litigation,  finds  a paper by J. Adam Engel, vice president of Lycurgus Group published in the  Whittier Law Review.

SafeGov.org: Industry can't self-regulate EU data privacy for educational cloud services

The European Union should adopt a "code of conduct" approach to regulating the data privacy of children whose schools adopt cloud services, says a Sept. 23 report from SafeGov.org.

Indigenous European cloud needed to defeat NSA surveillance, says report

A report commissioned by the European Parliament urges the European Union to encourage development of local cloud computing capacity based on open source software as a way of safeguarding against U.S. intelligence community surveillance. The  report  (.pdf), written by former Microsoft Chief Privacy Adviser Caspar Bowden, also finds that the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework fails to prevent against U.S. interception of European citizens' cloud-processed data.