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Latest Headlines

Border Patrol pursues body-worn cameras for officers

The new head of Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday he believes in the merits of body-worn video cameras for Border Patrol officers, but technology and privacy challenges have stood in the way of implementation.

Fisher: Border Patrol committed to using metrics, data

Initially, the Border Patrol needed the Government Accountability Office to prod it. "Quite frankly, they had it right. If you can't measure it, you shouldn't be doing it," Fisher said during remarks at the Border Security  Expo.

S&T ready to invest in riskier science

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Now that the Homeland Security Department's Science and Technology Directorate has established a track record and credibility, it plans to take on more risky, futuristic projects, an agency official said Tuesday.

CBP commander in Arizona: Restructuring paid off

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The realignment of Customs and Border Protection's operations in Arizona under a single leader has strengthened the agency in the state, the Arizona commander said Wednesday. But for now, its approach remains unique within CBP.

Border Patrol chief issues new use-of-force policy

Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher issued a long-awaited directive March 7 to clarify the agency's use-of-force policy. Don't fire weapons at moving vehicles or in response to rock-throwing, the  directive  (.pdf) says – not unless there's grounds for believing that "an immediate danger of death of serious injury" exists.

Johnson promises reform soon for border agent use of force

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson stressed the need to reform the Border Patrol's use-of-force policies during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing Feb. 26. Johnson said he wanted to personally review recent cases where Border Patrol agents used force, "to ensure that we're getting this right."

CBP apprehensions, denials of entry rise

The number of foreigners deemed inadmissible and turned away at ports of entry along the southwestern border rose significantly in fiscal 2013, according to new statistics from Customs and Border Protection. Apprehensions by Border Patrol agents continued to outnumber denials of entry.

CBP Predator drones fly on behalf of state and local law enforcement

Documents newly uncovered via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show Customs and Border Protection blurring the line between border security and other law enforcement operations through the frequency of its unmanned aerial vehicle flights on behalf of other agencies, says the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Omnibus funds record number of Border Patrol agents, ICE detention beds

As a result of  omnibus appropriations  legislation funding federal agencies through September, Customs and Border Protection will have a record level of agents and officers and Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have the highest detention capacity in history. The House approved the $1.02 trillion funding measure by a  vote  of 359-67; the bill is expected to pass the Senate.

DHS official offers few answers for overtime abuse

To the dismay of many members of a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee, the official that the Homeland Security Department sent to testify about abuse of overtime pay had little to report on the matter during a hearing Nov. 20.