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Latest Headlines

HHS IDEA Lab seeks analytical minds for major health IT projects

The Department of Health and Human Services is looking for people with expertise in big data for three health IT projects through its HHS IDEAS Lab Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program.

DoD should look to commercial, off-the-shelf EHR systems, says report

The Department of Defense will be buying an electronic health record that's the equivalent of a 20-year contract for 1999's "state of the art" Blackberry service if it procures a closed, proprietary EHR system that can't respond to technological advances and changes in the marketplace, according to a new  white paper  released by the Center for a New American Security.

Blue Button breaks new ground in pharmacy adoption

Major retail pharmacy chains and industry associations have pledged to adopt Blue Button technical standards to transmit prescription drug history data to customers, the White House  announced  earlier this month.

VA upgrades Blue Button with enhancements, new features

Veterans will now have better access to their personal health information thanks to a new, enhanced version of the Veterans Affairs Department's Blue Button downloadable electronic health record that now includes several new categories of information, according to a VA  announcement.

Blue Button set for improvements

During a  webinar  hosted by the National eHealth Collaborative, officials drew attention to a Jan. 6 draft Blue Button implementation  guide  outlining how providers can securely transmit patient data and do so in a semi-structured manner. The pell-mell quality of Blue Button-downloaded data has long been  recognized  as a downfall of the effort, which began in the Veterans Affairs Department as a means to permit patients to have an electronic receipt of care received.

Blue Button won't spontaneously get better, govt. concedes

Perhaps realizing that the private sector may not  spontaneously improve  Blue Button downloadable medical record design, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology within the Health and Human Services Department is mounting a $51,000 (total)  challenge  for people to stop making it "look and feel like a receipt."

VA shifting focus to patient-centered EHRs

Healthcare is moving to a patient-centered approached and health information technology must follow suit, said Roger Baker, Veterans Affairs Department chief information officer. The VA has focused for years on creating electronic health records that deliver great information to clinicians, said Baker. "But what we haven't done to this point is turn that into a patient-centered electronic health record," he added.

Medical data needs mashup, says ONC

ONC announced June 5 a challenge with a $45,000 prize for the first place winner for an application that takes Blue Button data and brings it together with data such as health indicators for others in the same age and gender categories.

VA: Private sector will make Blue Button more sophisticated

The VA's downloadable personal health record capability--known as "Blue Button"--could be more sophisticated, but a VA official says it's up to the private sector to make it so. "We're trying to get

Audio: VA officials on Blue Button competition

A competition announced July 19 by the Veterans Affairs Department will give $50,000 to the first team able to install a personal health record download capability on 25,000 physician, or other