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Latest Headlines

City innovators should focus on 'small' data to get actionable insights, experts say

City innovators without mountains of unstructured Internet of Things data are increasingly turning to "small data" in order to glean actionable insights.

Police reform meets open data in projects to study citizen complaints

For several years now, police departments around the country have been leveraging big data to help them predict, measure and hopefully, prevent crime. Now, the tables are being turned and big data insights are being used to study how well police officers are doing their jobs.

AT&T details plans for smart cities technology

AT&T is riding the smart cities wave, and Mike Zeto, general manager of the AT&T Smart Cities organization, recently discussed the company's investment plans in smart cities technology with  RCRWireless News. Among the technologies AT&T is looking at are a smart lighting system and a new digital dashboard.

Report: Cities can use crowdsourcing tournaments to solve problems

There's little doubt about the power big data and predictive analytics wield in order to glean granular information, but when it comes to cities, there often aren't enough resources to take advantage of these technologies. researchers estimated the city of Boston "could be 30 percent-50 percent more productive if it allocated inspections as suggested by a top-performing algorithm from a tournament.

FTC raises flags about big data's effect on underserved populations

Big data provides information that can benefit consumers through the development of new and customized products and services, but some uses of big data may be harmful, particularly for low-income and underserved populations, an FTC report stated.

Spotlight: ATARC panel makes 5 recommendations for fed use of big data

The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center, or ATARC, published Dec. 17 a new report that makes five recommendations for harnessing big data within the federal government.

GSA's internal labor market review helps leadership visualize, forecast workforce trends

The General Services Administration is using data science to address its human capital management challenges, said Paul Tsagaroulis, director of GSA's Human Capital Analytics Division.

Data capacity, analysis, expertise drive IoT work at NASA

In addition to storing the data, bringing forward technology and personnel to make that data useful is critical, said John Sprague, deputy chief technology officer for IT at NASA.

Cloud is making the dream of big data, analytics a reality, say federal IT security officials

"The information has always been there, but it's always been a matter of, how do you store it?" asked Steve Pugh, presidential response officer at the White House Communications Agency.

CIA looks to cloud, big data to advance mission

The Central Intelligence Agency is embracing cloud computing technology to help ease the burden of computing-intensive analytics programs that produce intelligence for its agents. It's also opening doors that will help the CIA to partner with innovative vendors in the big data market.