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Latest Headlines

Identifying regulatory gaps in big data difficult, says FTC panel

Once reserved for scientific studies, big data is now regularly used by corporations to analyze information about consumers-- and privacy experts say these emerging practices raise tough policy questions.

Kass-Hout: FDA using cloud computing, new tools to store, access and analyze big data

The Food and Drug Administration is building an "innovative technology environment," which relies in part on cloud computing to handle an influx of big data as well as tools to identify, extract and analyze information, the regulatory agency's chief health informatics officer wrote in an agency blog.

Panel: Innovation around big data can improve security, but privacy must also be weighed

As governments and communities become more awash in data from sensors, smartphones, wireless networks and other technologies, there are significant opportunities to harness that information to improve society and its security. But there is also a balancing act with privacy that needs greater examination and discussion, according to a panel of security experts who spoke May 20 at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

IG: Postal Service can leverage big data for efficiencies, new products

Big data presents an enormous opportunity for the Postal Service to improve current capabilities and spin off new services that align with its mission.

RAND: Navy should adopt a cloud-based system to help it better collect, analyze and distribute sensor data

The Navy should adopt a cloud-based system to keep pace with the growing demand for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data that are needed for situational awareness and other mission-critical tasks, said researchers in a new RAND report.

Big data report asks Obama to push data breach legislation, consumer privacy protections

Big data poses a serious risk to consumer privacy and challenges corporations to responsibly handle security –two issues that need prompt attention and policy development from the White House, recommends a May 1 report (pdf) from the White House on big data.

Big data need not end Americans' privacy, argues CDT

The era of big data need not herald the end of traditional privacy, argues the Center for Democracy and Technology in comments submitted to the White House. White House special advisor John Podesta  announced  Jan. 23 that President Obama appointed him as head of a 90 day review to examine the policy and privacy implications of big data. 

Big data study could lead to policy changes, says White House official

A White House study now underway will analyze the benefits and challenges of big data technologies, and could prompt the administration to take a hard look at existing policies and the federal research agenda, said Nicole Wong, deputy federal chief technology officer.

European Parliament votes for tighter data protection regulations

A European Union effort to tighten privacy regulations overwhelmingly passed the European Parliament in a March 12 vote. In all, 621 members of the parliament voted for, and only 10 against, what would be the first update to EU data protection  regulations  since the mid-1990s.

DHS officials: Data analytics a challenge

Data analytics remains a challenge for the Homeland Security Department, officials from it acknowledged throughout a conference dedicated to homeland security matters.