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Latest Headlines

Big data need not end Americans' privacy, argues CDT

The era of big data need not herald the end of traditional privacy, argues the Center for Democracy and Technology in comments submitted to the White House. White House special advisor John Podesta  announced  Jan. 23 that President Obama appointed him as head of a 90 day review to examine the policy and privacy implications of big data. 

Big data study could lead to policy changes, says White House official

A White House study now underway will analyze the benefits and challenges of big data technologies, and could prompt the administration to take a hard look at existing policies and the federal research agenda, said Nicole Wong, deputy federal chief technology officer.

European Parliament votes for tighter data protection regulations

A European Union effort to tighten privacy regulations overwhelmingly passed the European Parliament in a March 12 vote. In all, 621 members of the parliament voted for, and only 10 against, what would be the first update to EU data protection  regulations  since the mid-1990s.

DHS officials: Data analytics a challenge

Data analytics remains a challenge for the Homeland Security Department, officials from it acknowledged throughout a conference dedicated to homeland security matters.

Big data still nascent in public sector, finds study

Public sector organizations are still in the early days of big data adoption, finds a study by an Arizona State University academic. Public agencies have yet to fully embrace the concept of big data, and that its technical implication can be overwhelming to them. "Isn't that a critical element of big data? If so, then we are not doing anything in the big data space as we have not touched unstructured data. All of our data has some structure, and most of it is highly structured," one CIO said.

Commerce Dept. contemplates big data future

A Commerce Department official say it's rethinking its data infrastructure with an eye to making data seamlessly consumable internally and externally across the many industry sectors encompassed by its bureaus. "Rather than a federated approach to data, the one thing that we're learning is that data has to be done at scale. The real power of data comes from integrating it," said Patrick Gallagher, acting commerce deputy secretary. He spoke Jan. 31 during a meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Spotlight: Podesta to head White House big data study

White House special advisor John Podesta announced Jan. 23 that President Obama appointed him as head of a review to examine the policy and privacy implications of big data. "We expect to...

Use big data and crowdsourcing to detect nuclear proliferation, says DSB

A changing set of counter-nuclear proliferation problems requires a paradigm shift in monitoring that should include big data analytics and crowdsourcing, says a report from the Defense Science Board. For the first time since the onset of the nuclear era, America must be equally concerned with an increase of nuclear capabilities in existing nuclear states and an increase in the number of states and non-state actors possessing, or attempting to possess, nuclear weapons, the report says.

Commerce developing centralized cybersecurity center

The Commerce Department is developing a centralized cybersecurity center to provide an additional layer of oversight and synthesis, said Rod Turk, departmental chief information security officer, while speaking Jan. 14 during a conference panel.

FAA air safety data analytics program years away from predictive capability

The Federal Aviation Administration still has work ahead of it before it can turn a database of aviation safety data into an tool capable of making predictive analytics, says the Transportation Department office of inspector general.