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Latest Headlines

Obama dispatches Nabors to investigate VA medical facility deaths

Those responsible for alleged Veterans Affairs Department medical facility misconduct will be held accountable, but no action will be taken until two separate reports on the controversy are finished, President Obama said May 21 in a White House press conference. Obama dispatched White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors to investigate the alleged 40 deaths of veterans waiting for care at a VA medical facility in Phoenix and also allegations of rigged record keeping at facilities.

After DATA Act, open data advocate previews next steps

"There are many, many ways to fudge the work that OMB and Treasury now have to do," said Hudson Hollister of the Data Transparency Coalition.

Secure Communities may be retooled to target violent offenders

The Obama administration may soon overhaul the Secure Communities program for immigration enforcement, according to local law enforcement officials who met with President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson May 13.

Big data report asks Obama to push data breach legislation, consumer privacy protections

Big data poses a serious risk to consumer privacy and challenges corporations to responsibly handle security –two issues that need prompt attention and policy development from the White House, recommends a May 1 report (pdf) from the White House on big data.

Brennan Center pushes for more executive action when Congress fails to act

President Obama could go farther in wielding executive power to push through policies that don't make it through Congress, says an April 15 Brennan Center for Justice report. "Bold executive action can help unstick some of the very gridlock that plagues government," says Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center and former Bill Clinton speechwriter.

Obama issues directives to address fed contractor gender pay gap

President Obama, Tuesday, issued two directives aimed at eliminating the gender pay gap in the federal contractor workforce. An April 8 executive order protects a federal contractor employee's right to openly discuss pay with coworkers and prohibits the employer from retaliating against those employees who disclose their pay.

ACA exchanges enrolled 7 million before deadline

More than 7 million people signed up for health insurance through healthcare.gov or state exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act, President Obama announced Tuesday.

U.S. and EU announce closer cyber ties

European Union leaders and President Obama today announced a new effort to formalize and broaden cooperation on cyber issues.

NSA bulk metadata collection faces more proposals for its end

The days of bulk storage of communications metadata by the National Security Agency may be numbered with the addition of reform proposals from President Obama and House Intelligence Committee leaders – although both are under criticism from privacy watchdogs for not going far enough.

White House budget proposal calls for restructuring of USPS healthcare prefunding requirement

The Postal Service's healthcare prefunding requirement would be restructured and Saturday mail delivery elimated under President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget plan.