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Latest Headlines

Obama issues directives to develop more diverse skills for federal managers

President Obama issued a series of directives Tuesday calling on agency managers to develop a more diverse set of skills as agency executives begin to retire in greater numbers.

Obama grants feds day off on Dec. 26

President Obama formally granted federal employees an extra holiday on Dec. 26 in an executive order issued Dec. 5. "All executive branch departments and agencies of the federal government shall be closed and their employees excused from duty on Friday, Dec. 26, 2014, the day after Christmas Day," the executive order says.

Hagel to step down as head of DoD

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will be leaving his post once a successor is nominated and confirmed, a Nov. 24 Defense Department news release says. Obama praised Hagel's service and noted he became the head of the DoD at a particularly difficult time. "When I asked Chuck to serve as secretary of defense, we were entering a significant period of transition," Obama said in the news release.

Government open data efforts continue to struggle, groups say

An audit of the federal government's open data efforts has produced conflicting results. Where there should be URLs that link to downloadable datasets, agencies sometimes have a short message or an identifier for a non-web resource, such as people's computers and internal servers, the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit dedicate to government transparency, said in an Oct. 29 blog post.

Obama sets out new open government initiatives

President Obama renewed his commitment to open government by laying out a new set of initiatives that will call on the U.S. Digital Service to make it easier for citizens to engage with the government, a Sept. 24 Open Government Partnership action plan says.

Obama nominees left twisting in the wind as Senate hits campaign trail

Many of President Obama's nominees were left in limbo as the Senate left Washington to hit the campaign trail as November elections near. USAID has been waiting the longest. The agency has gone without an inspector general for three years now. Michael Carroll was nominated back in July 2013 and is still awaiting a hearing.

House passes stop-gap spending measure

With time running out before the fiscal year ends, the House Wednesday night overwhelmingly approved a stop-gap measure to fund the government through Dec. 11 once the new fiscal years starts Oct. 1. Under the bill (H.J.Res.124), which passed by a vote of 319-108, the government would be funding at fiscal 2014 levels and doesn't address federal employee pay raises. That paves the way for President Obama's authorization of a 1 percent pay raise for feds.

Obama to propose 1 percent pay raise for feds

President Obama plans to raise pay for federal workers by 1 percent starting in January 2015, an Aug. 29 White House statement on the National Treasury Employees Union website says. But even with the sacrifice federal workers have made over the last few years with pay freezes, they will have to continue to endure a pay raise below the amount of private sector increase and also below the statutory formula for adjustments to the base General Schedule, Obama said in the letter to Congress.

Brief: Addressing violence, poverty in Central America will help curb migration to US

The United States should work with Mexico and Central American nations to find regional solutions to the violence and economic stagnation that's spurring the migration of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and others to cross the Texas border, according to a policy brief by a nonpartisan think tank.

Obama announces more VA programs to address vet healthcare

At an American Legion convention speech in North Carolina, President Obama announced Veterans Affairs Department reforms including making it easier for veterans to transition from military healthcare to the VA health system. Obama announced a new Defense Department $79 million increase in funding for a program aimed at using brain chips to treat post traumatic stress disorder, in the Aug. 26 speech.