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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Obama signs STOCK Act change into law

Thousands of federal employees won't have their financial disclosure forms publicized online after all. President Obama signed into law April 15 modifications to the Stop Trading on Congressional...

The president's 2014 budget request

President Obama sent to Congress Wednesday a $3.77 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2014, a total amounting to about $14 million less than estimated fiscal 2013 spending. When accounting for White House-projected inflation, that proposed topline is 0.37 below current year spending.

Raising taxes and reforming Social Security key parts of Obama budget proposal, President says in speech

Raising taxes on the wealthy, reforming retirement programs and investing in high-tech manufacturing will help lower the deficit, President Obama said in a weekly radio  address  previewing his upcoming budget proposal, set to be released April 10.

Deese tapped for OMB deputy director, Zients's post-OMB future unknown

President Barack Obama nominated Brian Deese as deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget Monday, according to a White House press release. Obama tapped Sylvia Burwell for the top spot at OMB on March 4. The confirmation process is expected to go smoothly, White House Spokesman Jay Carney said at a March 19 press briefing.

Obama budget proposal to fund BRAIN Initiative through DARPA, NIH, NSF

As he announced the initiative, Obama said it could be "the next great American project" and could lead to improved understanding of Alzheimer's disease, autism, and strokes, in addition to other unforeseeable discoveries. "There's this enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked," he said.

Hundreds to be furloughed at OMB

At the Office of Management and Budget, 480 employees have received furlough notices, Carney said. He did not specify which other EOP offices notified their employees of upcoming furloughs. The EOP has also slowed new hiring and left open positions unfilled, he said. Components have reduced purchases of equipment and supplies, the use of air cards for Internet access, and staff travel.

GSA may have overcompensated after conference scandal, says Tangherlini

In the past year, GSA canceled 39 conferences, avoiding more than $10 million in associated costs, he said. "I'm worried, though, that we're going to lose a year of training," he added, because the agency canceled useful conferences where GSA employees would have gone to update their skills and knowledge.

Rate of unredacted FOIA responses fell to record low in 2012

In 2012, agencies processed more than half a million FOIA requests, but they only released information with no redactions in 41 percent of requests, according to the report, released March 13. It drew on data from 25 major federal agencies, including most cabinet-level departments.

House passes continuing resolution with funding for rest of fiscal 2013

The House approved Wednesday a continuing resolution that would fund the government through the rest of fiscal 2013 and would increase Defense Department readiness spending by roughly $10 million. The bill topline would keep overall discretionary spending at the sequestration amount of $982 billion.

White House: Legalize unlocking of cellphones, tablets

Consumers should be allowed to unlock their mobile devices to switch carriers when their contracts expire, the White House said March 4. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski echoed the White House in a March 4 statement, saying the ban on unlocking "doesn't pass the common sense test."