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Latest Headlines

Republican leaders call for Obama to nominate DOI inspector general

Republican congressional leaders sent a letter to President Obama urging him to permanently fill the top spot at the Interior Department's inspector general office after a six year vacancy.

Obama signs order to allow sanctions on individuals who threaten national cybersecurity

President Obama last week signed an executive order that makes it possible to impose sanctions on individuals who threaten national cybersecurity.

Report: Obama won't sign budget that keeps sequestration cuts

President Obama will not sign any spending bills that continue mandatory funding cuts to agency budgets through sequestration, according to a March 21 Huffington Post article. 

Executive order meant to apply internationally, says Schwartz

The executive order issued by the White House Feb. 13 will enable private sector companies to better share cybersecurity threat information, whether they're domestic or international entities.

Obama issues executive order on cyber threat information sharing

President Obama signed an executive order Feb. 13 that aims to enable private sector companies to better share cybersecurity threat information with each other and government. 

The president's 2016 budget request: USPS proposals

The budget request says USPS could save $36 billion over 11 years, by utilizing ideas from several postal reform bills from both sides of the aisle that have failed to make their way through Congress.

The president's fiscal 2016 budget request

Barack Obama is sending Congress a $4 trillion fiscal 2016 budget request that includes about $1.1 trillion in discretionary spending and a 1.3 percent pay increase for federal workers, says White House budget documents released Feb. 2.

Spotlight: Obama urges Congress to act on cyber legislation in SOTU

President Barack Obama urged legislators to act on cybersecurity legislation during his Jan. 20 State of the Union address. 

SOTU: Obama will veto any bills that threaten his affordable healthcare and immigration policies

President Obama once again flexed his executive muscles in his penultimate State of the Union speech Tuesday night, though not through promises of executive orders like he did last year. This year Obama promised to veto any bills that would undo the his healthcare and immigration policies.

House OKs bill requiring agencies to implement rules in cheapest possible way

The House Jan. 13 passed a bill by a 250-175 vote that would require agencies to choose the least costly way to implement new rules, but President Obama has signaled that he would veto it.