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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: President points to cybersecurity as national security concern, legacy systems as a drain on federal IT

Obama said keeping America safe isn't just about bolstering security on the ground, in the air or at sea – "it also requires us to bolster security online."

Senior administration officials stare down 'lame duck' status, tout cyber priority setting in fiscal 2017 budget request

Obama administration officials challenged the idea that the president's fiscal 2017 budget request to Congress is dead on arrival during a Feb. 9 briefing.

The president's 2017 budget request: Federal information technology

President Barack Obama rolled out his fiscal 2017 budget request to Congress on Feb. 9, which included more than $19 billion, or a roughly 35 percent increase, from fiscal 2016, in funding for cybersecurity to support the president's Cybersecurity National Action Plan.

White House unveils broad strategy for strengthening cybersecurity

President Obama unveiled a sweeping cybersecurity strategy Feb. 9, which directs his administration to implement a series of "near-term actions" to enhance the nation's cybersecurity.

Obama's budget proposal: 1.6% pay raise for feds, 6 weeks paid parental leave

The fiscal 2017 budget request that President Obama will deliver to Congress next week will include an average 1.6 percent pay raise for federal employees. An employee's actual raise will depend on military or civilian status as well as locality.

Spotlight: White House launches 'computer science for all' initiative

Over the weekend President Obama unveiled a new initiative aimed at empowering American students to learn computer science.

Report: Cyber response executive order in the works

President Obama will issue an executive order or presidential directive within several months that provides federal agencies guidance on the appropriate response to a catastrophic cyber attack, according to  Politico.

Final rule: US can now apply economic sanctions in response to cyber aggression

The Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control now has the necessary authorities to apply economic sanctions against governments and individuals that deviate from the norms of accepted behavior in cyberspace.

Spotlight: Healthcare.gov enrollment hits 6M

Six million Americans have signed up on HealthCare.gov for coverage that starts Jan. 1, according to a Dec. 18 announcement from President Barack Obama.

Executive Order targets SES hiring, rotations, performance awards

President Barack Obama issued an executive order Dec. 15 that aims to reform the Senior Executive Service by streamlining hiring and onboarding, increasing rotations and raising the spending cap on performance awards to government executives.