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Latest Headlines

Ex-Pentagon official: Acquisition failures tied up in personnel issues

Acquisition personnel at the Defense Department from management on down don't have the knowledge or incentives to do their jobs well, said Dov Zakheim, the department's former comptroller, on Oct. 29.

Agencies don't have sufficient acquisition training funding, GAO report says

Agencies say they lack money for training acqusition staff, says the Government Accountability Office in a newly-released March 28  report  (.pdf). Twenty of 23 agencies said it was difficult to obtain adequate funding for the training and 19 of 23 said it was difficult to acquire funding for sufficient staff to manage training, the report says.

OFPP says strategic sourcing would improve federal spending

The federal government could get a better value for purchased goods and services by increasing its use strategic sourcing and sharing related data, says Joe Jordan, administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Eventually, said Jordan, strategic sourcing could be used for $150 billion of the more than $500 billion the government annually spends on goods and services.

DOT struggles to define acquisition workforce needs, says GAO

The Transportation Department lacks the data to properly determine acquisition workforce needs and goals for its operating administrations, which spent more than $5.6 billion on procurement in fiscal 2011, says the Government Accountability Office.

Federal acquisition beset by lack of experience and training

A federal acquisition community still brittle from past austerity measures faces the prospect of new cuts with inadequately trained new staff and a risk-averse culture that proscribes innovation, warns an analysis based on qualitative surveys of federal personnel.

Hiring DoD acquisition workers with transferred funds causes friction

Conflicting priorities between human capital and comptroller officials within the Defense Department have led to unstable funding for an acquisition workforce revitalization effort, says the Government Accountability Office.

McClure: Cloud services require acquisition officers to retool

As core enterprise systems move to the cloud, provisioning services in that environment could require revised training for acquisition officers. Existing rules, processes and culture need to be...

Commerce Department's acquisition workforce plan lacking, finds IG

A 5-year plan to bolster the Commerce Department's acquisition workforce, which was submitted to the Office of Management and Budget in March 2010, is short on specifics due to missing and

Gordon: Acquisition workforce gains at risk

Even though the Office of Federal Procurement Policy did not receive its full request for fiscal 2011 appropriations, "we did have some success in strengthening the acquisition workforce at a good

DoD services acquisition workforce 'amorphous,' says GAO

Acquiring services is fundamentally different than buying weapon systems, according to the Government Accountability Office, but the training provided by the Defense Department is falling short