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Latest Headlines

U.S. tech companies knew of NSA digital surveillance, says NSA attorney

American technology companies were not ignorant of National Security Agency surveillance of digital content transmitted through their services, a top National Security Agency official said Wednesday.

Judge requires bond hearings for detained immigrants

A federal judge sided with three immigrants in detention who sued the Homeland Security Department after they were denied bond hearings. DHS argued that federal law requires mandatory detention of immigrants who have committed certain crimes. Many immigrants pose no flight risk because their families and careers are in the United States.

Advocacy groups argue against warrantless cellphone searches in Supreme Court cases

A handful of advocacy groups called for the Supreme Court to require warrants before law enforcement can search the contents of cellphones in briefs filed this month.

Border Patrol chief issues new use-of-force policy

Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher issued a long-awaited directive March 7 to clarify the agency's use-of-force policy. Don't fire weapons at moving vehicles or in response to rock-throwing, the  directive  (.pdf) says – not unless there's grounds for believing that "an immediate danger of death of serious injury" exists.

New rule targets sexual abuse in DHS facilities

The Homeland Security Department finalized a rule Friday to prevent sexual abuse in its detention facilities by adding training for officers who work in detention facilities and boosting audit standards.

Soghoian: Technology has minimized the procedural costs of surveillance

Technology has allowed law enforcement and intelligence to expand surveillance not just because it has lowered costs but because they encounter less resistance from judges and companies, Christopher Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union said.

ICE seeks database to track license plates nationwide

A component of the Homeland Security Department wants the private sector to build a nationwide database of license plates and zoomed-out photos of their cars, shows a Feb. 12 solicitation notice.

Federal courts deal ACLU defeats on NSA surveillance and border-crossing laptop searches

Civil libertarians had two technology case court setbacks in late December, with separate federal judges dismissing constitutional challenges to the National Security Agency telephony metadata program and to suspicionless searches of electronic devices at border crossings.

Settlement ends Alabama immigration lawsuits

Plaintiffs who challenged an Alabama immigration law reached a settlement with the state Oct. 29 that permanently blocks parts of the law. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found several provisions unconstitutional in two rulings in August 2012. The law, known as HB 56, was signed into law in 2011.

Bill to end NSA bulk collection introduced as intelligence chiefs defend status quo

A bill introduced Oct. 29 in the House and the Senate would restrict intelligence community data collection and storage, although intelligence officials that same day continued their defense of the status quo, with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warning a House panel of "potential negative long-term impact of overcorrecting the authorizations granted to the intelligence community."