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Latest Headlines

Federal government discloses no-fly list status for the first time

After years of refusing to tell people whether or not they were on the federal government's "no-fly list," the Justice Department Oct. 10 notified seven people of their status.

US court: Feds can't give aliens 'mandatory detention' without opportunity for bail hearing

A federal appeals court Oct. 6 ruled that federal agents were wrong when they held two non-U.S. citizens in Massachusetts in "mandatory detention" without giving them an opportunity for bail during their immigration proceedings.

Twitter sues government over user data requests

Twitter sued the Justice Department Oct. 7, saying it violated the social media company's First Amendment rights by restricting its ability to disclose details on the government's national security requests.

FBI keeps police mum on use of cellphone trackers

Police use of a device that lets officers zero in on the location of cellphones – and thereby persons of interest or suspects – is being kept under wraps by the FBI, according to a document released last month through a Freedom of Information Act request.

DHS agrees to reform "voluntary" deportation following settlement with plaintiffs

DHS made the concessions in a settlement with 11 individuals who sued the government because they say they were coerced into agreeing to leave the country voluntarily.

ACLU joins appeal of Idaho woman suing NSA

More than a month after a federal judge struck down a lawsuit that an Idaho woman filed against the National Security Agency's collection of cellphone data, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have taken on the case in the appeals process.

Florida judge dismisses ACLU lawsuit involving cellphone tracking devices

Saying he didn't have jurisdiction, a Florida circuit court judge recently dismissed a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida against a local police department to produce documents about the use of controversial cellphone tracking devices.

ACLU: 'Shocking abuse and mistreatment' at prisons for non-citizen immigrants

The ACLU and the ACLU of Texas are calling on the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to strengthen oversight of prisons for non-citizen immigrants after the groups alleged that they uncovered "shocking abuse and mistreatment" of prisoners after a four-year investigation. BOP said it's taking the allegations seriously.

CBP publicly releases critical report, revises handbook on lethal force use by agents

Customs and Border Protection May 30 released a revised handbook on how its officers and agents can use lethal force, incorporating recommendations made more than a year ago by an independent think tank.

ACLU pushes for legal protection in lieu of voluntary code for facial recognition technology

Although the American Civil Liberties Union is an active participant in a multistakeholder process to address privacy and facial recognition technology, the group says a National Telecommunications and Information Administration-backed code of conduct will not provide sufficient privacy protection.