White House's fiscal 2014 budget may be late


The development of President Obama's fiscal 2014 budget has reportedly lagged, and an official from the Office of Management and Budget says the Office of Management and Budget has not yet decided the timeline.

By law, the president must submit the coming fiscal year's proposed budget no later than the first Monday in February. President Obama submitted his fiscal 2013 proposal on the second Monday in February 2012, but recent reports say this year's may not appear until March.

The OMB official did not respond to questions about the source of the delay, which may be the looming sequestration cuts.

The law the president signed Jan. 2 to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff postponed sequestration's automatic budget cuts to March 1. Uncertainty over whether or not those cuts will go into effect may have slowed the budget process.

According to a Roll Call article that the Defense Department's Office of Economic Adjustment posted to its website Jan. 8, DoD Comptroller Robert Hale said the budget was running behind schedule and would in all likelihood be late.

Additionally, the website InsideDefense cited a Defense official who said the delay might last beyond February.

The government is currently operating under a continuing resolution set to expire March 27, at which point the government may shut down. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) wrote in an op-ed last week that a partial shutdown may be necessary before Congress and the president can agree to a resolution.

A Jan. 6 article from The Hill says lawmakers are working to prevent a government shutdown and that it's less likely to happen than sequestration or a debt default.

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