White House launches Campaign to Cut Waste


Vice President Joe Biden will head an effort called the Campaign to Cut Waste in order to get "rid of the pointless waste and stupid spending that doesn't benefit anybody," announced President Barack Obama in a video message on

Obama's message was accompanied by a June 13 executive order which creates an 11-member Government Accountability and Transparency Board that will help agencies identify areas where waste can be cut and performance can improve. The board will be chaired by former Interior Department Inspector General and Recovery Board Chair Earl Devaney, said Biden during the initiative kickoff June 13 at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C.

Biden commended Devaney for his work tracking ARRA funds, saying he "set the standard for transparency and accountability and comes with a high bar." Only $3 million of a total $480 billion stimulus was fraud, Biden explained.

"Not later than 6 months after the date of this order, the Board shall submit a report to the President that identifies implementation guidelines for integrating systems that support the collection and display of Government spending data, ensuring the reliability of those data, and broadening the deployment of fraud detection technologies, including those proven successful during the implementation of the Recovery Act," writes Obama in the executive order.

The EO also instructs Federal Chief Performance Officer Jeff Zients to identify practices that should be adopted across agencies, find areas in need of performance improvement at agencies and help set clear, quarterly-updated metrics to be uploaded to It also asks the Director of OMB Jack Lew to help agencies plan fiscal 2013 budgets in ways that avoid program overlap and duplication within and across agencies.

In just one year, Obama said the government can save $33 billion as the result of the campaign. In the video, Biden said the initiative depends on "relentless focus on making this a priority, focus that can't be delegated."

"We hope to be instilling an entire new culture that not only our administration but every succeeding administration will in fact pursue," Biden added in the video.

For more:
- see a video of the announcement
- view the executive order

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