White House global supply chain strategy contains plans


The White House and the Homeland Security Department released Jan. 25 a strategy to develop recommendations that will "align federal activities" on global supply chain security.

The strategy (.pdf) contains two overarching goals--to promote the efficient and secure movement of goods, and to ensure resiliency in the global supply chain.

"The threat of natural disasters remains, and the global supply chain and its components continue to be attractive targets for terrorist attacks and criminal exploitation," the strategy warns. A letter by President Obama prefacing the strategy warns of dangers ranging from volcanic eruptions to "criminal and terrorist networks seeking to exploit the system or use it as a means of attack."

According to a White House fact sheet, DHS and the State Department will now lead a 6 month "engagement period with the international community and industry stakeholders" during which they will solicit feedback on how to implement the strategy "in a cost effective and collaborative manner."

However, the approach to implementing the two goals of the strategy will be "guided by a set of principles that reflect our values, beliefs and priorities as a nation," the strategy caveats.

A DHS press release says the strategy comes on the heels of an effort called "Project Global Shield" DHS launched with the World Customs Organization, the U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime, and Interpol. The program coordinates information sharing about the export of 14 precursor chemicals used in improvised explosive devices, DHS says, and has resulted in seizures of chemicals totaling over 62 metric tons and 31 arrests.

For more:
- download the "National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security" (.pdf)

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