WCIT-12 meets for first day in Dubai


A U.S.-Canadian proposal to restrict the International Telecommunications Regulation treaty-revision conference that met for its first day Dec. 3 in Dubai gained sufficient support so that "an informal meeting" on one of its main points will convene Dec. 4, a source close to the U.S. delegation said.

The proposal asked that the ITRs not be expanded in scope to cover "operating agencies," as opposed to "recognized operating agencies," which is what they currently cover.

The United States has warned that if the ITRs are changed to cover any operating agency, then "anybody that's got cloud-based computing, and private Internet networks, potentially" would be suddenly covered by the ITRs, something the State Department is against.

The World Conference on International Telecommunications, aka the WCIT-12, is set to meet until Dec. 14; International Telecommunication Union officials (the ITU hosts the conference) have said they want to arrive at a consensual revision of the ITRs and avoid formal votes. The ITRs were last revised in 1988.

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