VA stands up app-review office


The newly-released PE Coach app is among the first apps to come out of a new, joint office between the Veterans Health Administration and the Office of Information and Technology, said VA Chief Information Officer Roger Baker during an Aug. 2 press call. He added that the office is working on an entire portfolio of apps.

The agency stood up the office, which oversees all app development and certification, early this year, said Baker. The office will ensure that app development has the proper security and privacy oversight--a concern Baker has cited in the past.

"I'm highly confident now that we've stood that up, that everything that goes out is going to go through that process," he said.

Baker also provided reporters with an update on the VA's mobile device management needs, saying the large-scale MDM "is now on the street or under's in the procurement cycle."

On Sept. 30, 2011, VA began using a small-scale MDM solution to handle around 1,000 iOS devices as part of a pilot, said Baker. The larger MDM won't manage many more than that number at its initially rollout, he said.

Once there is a more convincing business case to expand the variety of devices on the network, the number of devices under the MDM will grow, said Baker.

"My view is that over the next few years we'll end up with at least 100,000 mobile devices being managed inside the VA infrastructure. That's a longer term projection," said Baker. "The procurement says we'll need to eventually move to 100,000 devices."

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