UK intelligence agency approves iOS devices for sensitive communications


The UK government now considers iOS 6 devices such as iPhones secure enough to handle sensitive communications.

Until now, the Communications-Electronics Security Group, part of the British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters, has only allowed BlackBerrys to handle secure information, according to a report in The Register.

The main customers of of the CESG are the United Kingdom's central government agencies and military, but it also works with the National Health Service, local governments and law enforcement, as well as the nation's critical infrastructure.

The government rates information along seven degrees (.pdf) of sensitivity, from open information up to national security secrets. CESG has approved iOS 6 devices up to the middle level of sensitivity.

The mobile operating system is compatible with Apple's iPhone 3GS, fourth-generation iPod touch, iPad 2 and all the subsequent versions of those devices.

Prime Minister David Cameron also has a new way to use his iPad for official business. The Guardian says Cameron has begun to test a custom-built web app that gives him access to national data on his iPad.

He can use the app to view the latest economic information, plus polling data and Twitter, The Guardian says. The app could eventually be rolled out to senior officials across government.

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