TSP sees 2012 gains across all funds


All of the investment funds used by federal employees in their retirement savings program posted gains in 2012, and the three funds focused on stocks had the largest gains.

On Jan. 2, the Thrift Savings Plan posted numbers that show the I Fund, which invests in international stocks from 21 developed countries, gained 18.62 percent during calendar 2012. The C Fund, which tries to match the performance of the S&P 500 index of large U.S. stocks, gained 16.07 percent, and the S Fund, which invests in small- and medium-sized U.S. companies not in the C Fund, rose 18.57 percent during 2012.

The TSP offers five lifecycle funds that mix shares from the others with various ratios; these had gains between 4.77 percent and 15.85 percent.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced on Dec. 26 that the government temporarily suspended investment in the G Fund, which invests in government securities, as part of the measures Treasury is taking to extend the time before the government defaults on its debts.

The TSP also published new contribution limits for 2013 that rose to a total of $17,500. For those aged 50 or older, an additional investment of up to $5,500 is allowed as long as their regular contributions are projected to meet the $17,500 limit.

Those impacted by Hurricane Sandy can continue to make TSP contributions for six months after they have filed a hardship withdrawal request. Those requests must be received by Jan. 25.

The TSP is open to federal and postal employees, as well as uniformed military personnel.

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