Third of visitors to federal websites have come via mobile devices


A third of Americans who have visited a federal website have done so on a mobile device, according to figures released by analytics company ForeSee and based on data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

They largely did so on Apple products, ForeSee found. Nearly half of those who visited federal websites via smartphone were on an iPhone, compared to 39 percent who used an Android phone and 7 percent who used a BlackBerry.

Sixty-one percent of visitors via tablet used an iPad, while 18 percent used and Android tablet and 11 percent used a Kindle device.

The use of smartphones to access federal websites was more than twice as common than the use of tablets, but ForeSee's report, released Feb. 6, noted that as tablets become cheaper, preferences may well change.

Though two-thirds of survey respondents hadn't visited federal websites via mobile device, 15 percent said they planned to, and 38 percent said they might. The other 13 percent said they don't plan to.

Those who were more likely to visit a federal website on a mobile device also tended to express more satisfaction with federal websites in general.

Respondents who planned to do so registered a score of 73 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index's 100-point index of satisfaction with public-facing federal websites. Those who said they might visit on a mobile device had a score of 69 on the index, and those who said they didn't plan to do so came in at 60.

Those who had already visited federal websites by mobile device had an average satisfaction score of 67.

Overall, nearly half of the survey respondents who had visited a federal website said they had ever used a mobile device to access the Internet in general. By comparison, 55 percent of adults had used the Internet on their phones according to an April 2012 Pew Research Center survey.

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