Test of small business RFP-EZ tool begins


The government contracting experiment, RFP-EZ, is up and running with four small business opportunities available for bidding.

On Jan. 17, Presidential Innovation Fellows and the SBA announced a new website for an RFP-EZ pilot, which has the goal of simplifying the government contracting process and specifically extending access to small businesses for more low-dollar opportunities.

The pilot will run through May 1.

Projects in RFP-EZ are limited to between the micro-purchase and simplified acquisition thresholds, meaning that contracts will range in value from to  $3,000 to no more than $150,000. The pilot will focus on web-based digital professional services like social media management, video production, web design and site development.

"If you've never done business before, you don't have to worry about getting on any schedules or long, cumbersome registration processes. We'll deal with that when you become a potential awardee, and help you through the process," writes fellow Clay Johnson in the announcement.

The platform has also taken to Twitter and other social media to announce contracts, timeframes and updates:

The project also has a github webpage to share code, updates, patches and improvements. The page already lists some fixes and improvements.  "Remember that this is an experiment. It's a way for us to see whether or not there's untapped potential out there to give government better access to technology," said Johnson.

The announcement says that RFP-EZ is the first of five SBA projects assigned the fellows will have aimed at supporting small businesses.

For more:
- read the RFP-EZ blog
- make a bid on an available project

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